Shotgun Ammo Types and Capabilities

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    This is a Youtube clip highlighting some conventional and specialty shot shell loads and their capabilies. It shows their effects on ballistic gell and on various structures that may be used as cover by a home defender / assailant, including against soft body armour.

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    For home protection a shotgun is hard to beat; plus you can hunt with it or swap barrels and shoot clays.

    Wonder what was the range shooting the ballistic gel? The #9 shot's pattern was right tight.
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    [gun] The ballistic gel shots were devasting!! I use buck and ball every other 00 for home defense, great combo for zombies in the middle of the night....
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    For us, up here, we keep the cambered round as a #9 Low Base, and the rest of the Extended Tube Mag is filled with alternating, 00 Buck and 1Oz Slugs. If required, I can rack the Slide, and eject the chambered round, and go straight to the Heavy Duty stuff, or dust off a unruly Bears backside with the #9 Low Base, and send him on his way, and am ready with the BIG Suff should he decide to make a Show.... Works out either way, and nothing in North America is walking thru that amount of Firepower.... Not MAN, or Beast... .... YMMV....
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