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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hosster, Jul 29, 2012.

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    I have a somewhat old shotgun that has recently given me some problems. The hammer is not engaging the firing pin. The firing pin is not broken. I can eject the shell, reinsert it, and about 1 out of 20 times the shotgun will fire.
    My buddy, who is a gunsmith, says he thinks its a spring?
    Dry firing it does not give me a "click" ..

    Well anyway, all problems aside, the shotgun holds no sentimental value to me and I am considering fixing it and then trading it out.
    It is a S&W model 1000 super 12 that would be ideal for someone who hunts waterfowl. I see them sell for 250-500 on the internet.. Mine is in excellent condition (minus the firing problem which will be fixed.)

    I really don't want to put anymore money into the trade than what it will cost to repair the shotgun and maybe $25, because I am saving for an AR. Realistically I plan on taking it to the pawn shop and getting an even trade for a mossberg 500. Ideally I would like to push for a Remington 870. I plan on pushing the selling point that my gun is not manufactured anymore and 500's and 870's can be picked up at Walmart. Hopefully that will give me some leverage with the pawn shop owners who low-ball all the friggin time.

    I was thinking though... Do gun shows offer trades? There is one coming to town in a few weeks. I have never attended one, because I refuse to pay an entrance fee when there are over 20 gun shops within 30 minutes of my home.

    Also is a trade for an 870 a realistic expectation and should I push for that?
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    Give this place a call...

    If I were a gun shop/pawn shop, your selling point of not being made anymore also means there are no more parts for this gun. I would focus more on the fact that you're trading an auto for a pump.
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    Simply because something is not made anymore does not make it more valuable, sometimes it is not made anymore because it was junk.

    If you see them sell for that much on the internet then that is where to sell it.
  4. VisuTrac

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    Have you tried Numrich for parts?
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    My friend already has the parts to fix it and is gonna charge me $30.

    Mossberg bought the contract from same company that produced S&W and the internals are pretty much identical, parts aren't hard to find. Frankly I just want to switch back to pump because that is what I am familiar with and mostly can fix myself.
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    Pump works pretty much no matter what - I love em. Evn though my pal's semi auto is sweet to shoot I just cant bring myself to get one. My Rem 870P Mag just works so damn well I can't bring myself to part with it
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    Many of the tables at the gun show will be occupied by dealers who are also gun shop owners - possibly a lot of the same guys from your local gun shops. So, you could avoid paying the entrance fee by driving to the local shops... but you could end up spending a lot more on gas if you have to drive around to every store.

    Look at it this way - the more people who see your shotgun, the more likely you are to find someone who wants it. An 870 is realistic if you find the right person.
  8. TheEconomist

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    Remington 870
    Winchester 1300
    Mossberg 500
    Benelli Nova

    you could look for any of these models in trade for your gun...but you would be out some cash in pocket as well I would think.
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    I have a tricked out FN SLP Belgian autoloader for the Great Chimpout but my bedside shotty is an 18 inch Mossy 500 with side folding stock, sidesaddle and tritium bead.. simple, reliable and very portable in tight quarters. If I were you I would sell that shotgun at top dollar on some gun forum or at a gun show and then use the money to buy a new mossy on sale at a store like Big 5 and then add the goodies I have on mine. I see long mag tube 500s for sale for $330 + tax
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