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    I came into a box full of 12 ga wads that I won't use. They are game load sizes, and I no longer hunt. Send a generous donation to the monkey or not, and I'll send them to you. I have -

    -1500 US Munitions wads. The company is out of business, IIRC, since '91, these are the blue heavy design, might be for military buckshot loads, I don't know. There's load data on the bags, and I'll edit this post with a couple examples in a day or so.
    -500 Hornady #480050B
    -1200+ Activ T35

    No need to take them all, I'll part them out by brand or any other way the first request calls for.

    ETA 8/13/13: US Munitions no longer exists. They used to make wads and hulls. There are recipes on the bag using "Gold Metal" (sic) and USM hulls, 209 (any brand) primers, 700X, red dot, green dot, and blue dot powders. I have my doubts, but they also seem to indicate that these wads can be used for 1 oz all the way up to 1-3/8 oz, and don't differentiate for shot sizes.
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