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  1. Just got me a Mossberg 500 persuader/cruiser 7+1 and am new at using shotguns so I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of the best defense 2.75 ammo.

    Thank you


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  2. CATO

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    Beware of the fad rounds (e.g., Zombie killers). 00 buck has been working well for years. Generally, you get 9 .32" projectiles in one shell.

    Buy cases of 250 rds at a time. It will save you money. Keep an eye on this:
    Nobel Sport 12 Gauge Law Enforcement 00 Buck Shot 10rd box

    Also, throw in some slugs interspersed in your buckshot for more focused fire. Have different speed loaders packed and ready.
    Shotgun Speedloader Kit Mossberg 500 590 12 Ga Polymer Black

    Birdshot (cheap) at close range (10 - 15') is no different than buckshot but will be useless at 40 yards.

    Find a range and test out the different loads to see their patterns at different distances.

    Shotguns are awesome!
  3. Thank you

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  4. Alpha Dog

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    I like 00 and in my home and duty shotgun I stagger 00 slug 00 slug, also something we have been testing is #4. I like both and alot of the Deputyies like the results of the #4. My choice is the 00 and like Guit_FishN said 00 has served the cause for years and still does the job with outstanding results. Im the type that if it works leave it alone 00 somethings just can't be made better.
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  5. jungatheart

    jungatheart Beginner's Mind Is a pretty good forum for information about their shotguns.
  6. CATO

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    I have a Mossberg 500A1, a Mossberg Cruiser and two Remington 870s.

    Doing a web search, you'll soon see that there is a Coke vs Pepsi / Chevy vs Ford thing going on with Mossbergs and Remingtons. In general, the Remington owners say Mossbergs are junk and you should've bought a Remington.

    I wouldn't get too involved in reading those don't want to doubt your equipment for unfounded reasons before you're able to put a few 100 rounds through it. But, there's one issue you'll keep seeing: the plastic safety selector

    Once you get you get familiar with your gun, go to Brownells and buy a new safety selector IF and only IF yours is made out of plastic. Both of mine came with metal ones, so check before you buy. I don't have experience with a plastic one, but I've read everywhere that they fail. So, it would be worth the $20 to me not to have to worry about it again.

    That's just me...but, in general, I'd rather have metal over plastic for something like that. I've modded out my 500A1 quite a bit. There's a thread on here about a stock change, which helped with recoil a lot.

    MOSSBERG 500/590/835 ENHANCED SAFETY BUTTON - Brownells
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  7. Cool

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  8. Nice info mine is metal thank goodness

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  9. TailorMadeHell

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    Like stated above, different people with different views of different shotguns. As far as ammo, youtube can be handy. There are several that shoot rounds through ballistic media and show you the results. One guy is tnoutdoors9. There is even one guy who has an old house on his farm that uses it to show what happens with different rounds in penetration as if in a home invasion. Can't remember his name. I'm sure there are lots out there.
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    Remington and Mossberg are junk......I like Ithaca!!!
    Ford and Chevy are junk.......I like Dodge!!
    Coke and Pepsi suck......I like RC Cola!!

    Other than that, I agree with everything else.
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  11. CATO

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    I have an Ithaca...very old. My dad carried a model 37 in 'Nam (lefty). And I have a Winchester 20 gauge pump...killed my first grouse with it.

    I like RC Cola myself...with Jim Beam, but I do not like Moon Pies. However, I quit drinking I just have my bourbon on the rocks.

    Dodges (at least the new trucks) are mostly made in Mexico...[flag] boo
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    I have a few 37's. One was my grandfathers and has killed more stuff than bacteria. He always had his 37 in the truck or on the tractor. It looks it too! Folks wouldnt give $40 for it but to me it's priceless. It really doesnt shoot too accurate but it will always shoot. It tends to keep left about 4" any distance beyond 20 yards. Gramps always said, "if ya cant figure out how to adjust, you aint ready to be shootin a shotgun. Go git yerself a cheap BB gun and learn how to shoot it where the bullet goes before you hurt someone".

    I also have to confess.....
    I have Mossbergs and Remingtons too. Moss 500 Cruiser, Moss 590A1, Rem 870 Marine magnum and rem 870 wingmaster.

    I.....well.....I also have a Chevy. Actually, it's the wife's but ya's in the driveway.


    .................I am drinking a diet pepsi right now.
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  13. Seawolf1090

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    My Home Defense shotgun is a heavily modded Rem 870 - only because I grew up with them. Dad and I have hunting 870's, his 12 gauge and my 16 gauge, still at his home. I also carried the 870 on security details and alerts onboard my Navy ship - so I know it well.
    I would not turn my nose up at a Mossberg - I love their .22 rifles and have several.
    My current 'hunting shotgun', if I did go hunting, would be my Kessler 16 gauge bolt-action - how's that for an oddity?
  14. VisuTrac

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    Man, you should have gotten a Saiga with detachable mags!!

    if they are spread out wide, slap on the 20 round drum of buck shot
    if they are running in a line, slap on the 20 rd. drum of steel slugs. Then when they disperse, slap on the buck shot. :D

    seriously though. at close range even an ounce of #4 steel shot (High brass duck load) moving at 1400 FPS will put them down.
  15. CATO

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    I wouldn't mind having one of those. I figure they'll be outlawed street sweepers were.

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  16. STANGF150

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    I have a pistolgrip Mossberg 500 Cruiser as my InHouse Gun mix of 00 buck & Slugs in it & on side saddle
  17. A shotgun is the SAK of firearms.

    I would suggest tactical buck if you want a lighter shorter load, standard 00buckshot for serious social work, slugs for door breaching, deer, and engine blocks, birdshot for those times when that is wanted, and perhaps some rock salt n bacon rind for mischevious problems.

    In otherwords the old stuff still works same as the shotgun.

    Even today for close up work where massive amounts of ammo will not be needed,it is the "one shot stopper". (not that multiple shots are not even better.)

    also the sound 0f a slide racking is a "do not mess with this place" sound most mutant zombie bikers" hear and heed.

    If you look at the really poor substance farms from back pre 1900, most kept a single shot shotgun before any other weapon because of it's versatility and over all capabilities.

    Oh, and of pumps I love rem 870, mossy 500 n 590's and the mavrick bargain mossy.

    there are utubes on tactical use of one that google fu will find in abundance.
  18. Tikka

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  19. Minuteman

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    I keep shells in a throw over the shoulder bandoleer. I have enough in the gun itself for bump in the night or dogs barking outside situations but the bandoleers can be grabbed in the event that a zombie horde has found out that someones home.
    I would also recommend the 00 and slugs over any of the designer rounds that are advertised. But I would also stock up on #4's. I stagger my rounds with all three. The #4s have less wall penetration and are what most instructors recommend for standard home defense use.
    You don't want to shoot at an intruder in your house with a slug that will go through him and several walls too.
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  20. munchy

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    try some different loads and check your patterns to figure out what will work for you. I personally like the 3 inch #4 turkey mags out of a 24 inch full choke. But you dont want to shoot a lot of em!
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