Shotguns r extremely limited use items

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by rictus, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Just an NOTE here: It wasn't the mighty Six Gun, or the Winchester Rifle that won the West.... contrary to Tv, and popular belief..... It was the lowly Double Barreled Shotgun, that every pioneer family bought in St Louis before they left on the wagon train, headed west. It was good for birds, buffalo at close range, deer, elk, carpetbaggers, nefarious Bad Guys, and even a few Indians. Nobody, in their right mind, messes with a human, that has a DB Shotgun, with the Hammers cocked, point'en their direction, if they are with 50 yards, and most "SMART Folks" will take that on out to 100 yards. You just simply do NOT know what is stuffed in those barrels, and your LIFE depends on NOT meeting up with whatever is REALLY in there...... "Do you fell lucky, Punk.... Well, do Ya..."
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    great minds think alike :)
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    I'm certianly no expert, but the remark about having plenty of ammo got me to thinking. Some folks can't afford (or are too cheap) to purchase large amounts of buckshot and slugs for their shotguns. I've seen heavy turkey and coyote loads that had more rounds per box, and cost less than an equal number of defense loads.

    Could a good aftermarket choke and the use of this heavier shot be put to good use at further than across the room distances? How effective would a tight choked load of Heavi-shot be to the groin or face area at 25 yds or further?

    How about the practice or "ringing" where a birdshot load was cut almost all around the bottom of the shell so upon firing, it would separate from the base and become like a giant Glaser (TM) slug?

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm not exactly an expert, but I am cynical, so take this for what it's worth. Is the price of family any less than the price of ammo? Spend what you need to spend to be practiced up sufficiently to hit the target, then you don't have to worry about penetration because you missed.

    Do not ring a shotshell, if the hull doesn't go all the way thru, you won't have a second shot, you'll have a blown up gun. If you insist on trying it, take the choke out.

    Any shot size will do enough damage to slow things down; take two or more as needed. No point in picking on the groin or any other extremity. Shoot to kill, or don't shoot at all. YMMV, but when it comes to intruders, I lose all humanity and become a really out of control SOB.

    Usually, "plenty of ammo" is in reference to external threats. Shotties might not be such a good choice. Be guided accordingly.
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