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    Shotguns: <hr style="color: rgb(209, 209, 225);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Shotguns are a weak point with me. I prefer the range, precision, and capacity of a rifle, and so have focused my training on it.

    Well, I'm working on catching up in this area.

    Tomorrow we are going to the range and I'll put 280 or so rounds through one.

    So first let me mention the shotgun's set up.
    Bead front with a XS big dot JB welded over it.

    Single point (2 point interfears with the forend.)

    Tube extention

    Sidesaddle is good

    I have a Surefire forend on my Benelli, but I wanted something cheaper for my 870. James recomended this:

    I have been told that a slug is dead on at 100, but due to the tradjectory at 25-50 it hits 1-2 feet high.
    -So aim for the belt.
    We will be doing this tomorrow.

    (Me, James, and another guy)

    we'll be working on hostage head shots with 00 buck. (That'll be interesting.)

    More tomorrow...
  2. ghrit

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    Need pix of the setups.
  3. Nomad 2nd

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    I'm just visiting Yeager. I don't have one of mine. I'll just use one of his rental guns...

    Might take pics tomorrow...
  4. hartage

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    Right tool for the job. This is why you don't see cqb operators with bolt actions or snipers with pistols using iron sights.

    In a dynamic situation a group will diversify some shotgun some will cary ar's etc.

    You really can't say you prefer one type over another without framing the given situation.
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    Funny this come up today, I spent about three hours out on the river with my 11-87 Police Tactical expending a good quantity of buck and ball. Shotguns have their place and when you can point and shoot a rifle good, a good shotgun with the right load can be devestating. I mould and load my own slugs, and load my own buck. Was a good day say the least.
  6. E.L.

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    Shoulder sore Sniper? Mine would be. That is one thing I do not do nearly enough of, shooting my scatterguns.
  7. sniper-66

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    Actually, no. The 11-87 has a good recoil system in it and there isn't much perceived recoil. Also, my slugs are 1oz, so there isn't much recoil, but they have good ballistics. If I shoot a lot of the 3" OO buck, then it gets nasty.
    There is a certain point that higher velocity gets you no better penetration, so shooting heavy loads is only good to a point, especially if you are hunting geese at a distance. I practice a lot of shot, buck, then slug. The shot will shut their eyes and distract them enough to fill em up with buck and ball. It is a technique that bear hunting guides use. Shot in the face, buck in the shoulder, then slug to finish the game. I will say that it makes a mess of cardboard targets.
  8. melbo

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    This is a timely topic.
    I'm fairly anti shotgun myself but spent yesterday stripping rust and re-finishing a cheap Mossberg Maverick 88. I'll take some pics later.

    I also just took in a Mossberg 590 in OD on trade. I'm starting to see the benifits of having a couple shotties in the stable.
  9. ozarkgoatman

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    Personally I think if you don't have a night vision scope one a rifle then a shotgun is the way to go at night. Not only that a pump or auto loader is easy to load on the run, shoot a couple stuff a couple and your never unloaded.

  10. Blackjack

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    I can't believe how many non-scattergunnin people are on this board.

    You guys don't know the fun your missing!

    Sporting Clays is like golf with a shotgun, and there is no more fun to be had hunting than for doves. Throw in all the other upland birds and waterfowl, plus rabbits and you can't beat it.

    And not only is it unequaled in providing meat, but inside 60 yards with buck there is no finer defensive weapon (as long as bad guy is unarmored).
  11. Seacowboys

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    I am very fond of my shotguns. I have a few, including:
    Mossberg 500 mariner in SS with a walnut
    Ithaca Model 37 FL Police
    Model 97 Winchester
    High Standard Pump
    Remington 1100
    Browning Auto-5
    Model 12 Winchester
    Remington 870
    Fox side by side
    LC Smith side by side
    Berretta O/U
    Rosi Coach side by side
    and a Blooper
  12. monkeyman

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    I love the scatter guns, especialy in 20 guage. Puts a LOT of punch down range, dosent have excessive range so you can shoot stuff in trees and such without worrying about the bullet comeing down 2 miles off, and past extreame close range you get a little bit of forgiveness for less than perfect marksmanship.
  13. Nomad 2nd

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    I have newfound respect for shotguns.

    There were 3 of us, James Instructing, and 2 shooters.

    we had 3 shotguns:
    870 with tube extention, regular stock, and XS front

    870 with no tube extention, cut down stock, and XS front

    500 with Ghost rings and cut down stocks

    Both shooters have taken several classes, including Advanced fighting rifle and atleast one Contractor shooting classes. So there was no need to go over many of the use of cover drills... as we can incorporate it ourselves.
    So this was just shooting.

    We started off with linking the trigger and the pump, and moved on to moving drills and multable targets.
    We finished off the bird shot with many 'tree drills' (6 plates, on each side of the post) You start off with 3 on each side and the guy with all on the other guys side wins.
    VERY compedative and GREAT training AND fun!

    -This is when I went from the 870 with the extention to the 5 shot.
    AND I STILL beat him every time [​IMG]

    ...Ok, there was the one time when James set them all up on the one side... (B@stard)[​IMG]

    After we shot over 300 rounds each...

    We moved to the longer distance range, and shot cars with 00 and Slugs.
    Then we started at 7 yards (Yes, you CAN make a head shot with 00 when you can only shoot 1/2 the face)

    and we kept moving back. 50 yards is ~ the max for 00.

    We shot slugs out to 100. No problem (Except by this time, 350 rounds each we both had started to flinch.)

    So we shot a 30-30 some and called it a day.

    I had previously disdaned the practice of loading shells directly into the chamber... NOT ANYMORE!

    a Side saddle is a must have.

    What I'm gonna do:
    Put side sadles, single point slings, and XS big dot fronts on my shotguns, along with light mounts, and cut 1-2 inches off my stocks.

    Take that benelli out and shoot the Ghost rings and maby sell it cause of the difficulity of changing them out to Big dots.

    GOOD day of training.
  14. sniper-66

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    Told ya! Now, is YOUR shoulder sore? 350 rounds is a lot of 12!
  15. Nomad 2nd

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    Not really, I practiced both shoulders.
  16. dragonfly

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    I have 3 Mossbergs, all 500 series.... plus extra vent rib barrels, and a single H&R for "special" usage. I make my own rounds.....
    Only trouble I have with the shotguns is the weight of all that ammo!
    00 buck and slugs get darned heavy! Especially by the caseloads.
    I just picked up some #6 and #4 for any hunting needs.
    Jus' love dem scatterguns!
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