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Should we store gold?

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Motomom34, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    There's a show I think it's called the Klondikers my be wrong seen it a few years ago it caught my eye because the guy leading them was Joe Bishop my name any way they took the same route the same way they did to mine with the same tools I think there were 6 of them a woman and 5 men they all agreed to split what they find then run the women off she goes into town and waits table s where she is paid in gold dust at the end the guys cut her out of what they find which is not much and then she hands out 5 bags of gold dust that she made by waiting tables then all the guys try to split there stuff but it was funny the gold mine was minning the miners
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  2. Trouble

    Trouble Monkey

    Precious metals isn't meant to replace other preps, it's just another tool on your belt. Considering it has historically always been used for currency I see no problem in storing some.
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  3. Gator 45/70

    Gator 45/70 Monkey+++

    Will silver purify your water?
  4. Trouble

    Trouble Monkey

    I'm not sure of it would by itself, but it could help. I remember hearing the Romans coated their pipes with silver because it's anti-viral and bacterial. Then there's colloidal silver which is very useful, though I have not tried DIY colloidal silver yet.
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  5. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    I always start with purified water but I have never questioned whether it would purify itself. Interesting question. @Brokor do you know?
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  6. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    This is an interesting question since the answer is surprisingly simple, while at the same time kind of strange.
    The properties of silver are a little strange, and now that this is over let's get to the interesting part. If you think it's a good idea to drink large volumes of colloidal silver, don't. Well, you *could* if you don't mind the taste, color, or possible argyria. If you want to use silver pipes or silver lined pipes, be my guest. They probably won't hold up too well, though.

    There are far better ways to disinfect your drinking water than to use silver, not to mention the fact that all of them are probably more cost efficient, too.
  7. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Simple answer, no. Absent outside effects, silver will just lie there and very slowly dissolve if the water it's in is acidic.
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  8. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    IMO any one trading in gold doesn't need anything.
    These are likely the more dangerous to do business with .
    Think about it .
    Any one doing business in gold is likely to have an army and the capacity to TAKE FROM YOU ANY THING THEY WANT. Especially if all you've got is gold to trade ,and no army backing you up.
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  9. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    Silver had been used for purifying water for a very long time. pioneers put their silver ware in their water barrels for just that reason.
    Some stored it in their milk containers.
    Silver is still being used in filters.
    Adding colloidal silver to milk kills the bacteria that causes it to go sour.
    Because it kills bacteria it is important to take a probiotic as well to replace the bacteria in one' s digestive system.
    It does not take drinking great volumes of colloidal silver to get it's benefits and by the way , and those that had turned blue were not drinking properly made colloidal silver and they did abuse it. Much like people abuse penicillin ,or any other drug for that matter.
    I have been making my own for almost 20 years and use it on my animals injuries and illnesses SUCCESSFULLY.

    BEWARE OF NAYSAYERS, with out actual expirence ,only hearsay .
  10. Trouble

    Trouble Monkey

    I didn't mean to imply that anyone should drink colloidal silver, my bad. It was just another use for silver that popped in to my head when I mentioned the pipes, which I'm not sure how true it is.

    Another use for silver I remember hearing about is that the settlers would place a silver coin in with the milk to keep it from spoiling as quickly.
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  11. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    You really ought to read some of our colloidal silver thread again. [LMAO]
    Cliff Note version: I fully support sensible use of colloidal silver. Also, I was not always sensible and made some really nasty stuff one time. What did @melbo say? Oh yes... "Yeah 40ppm of Salt sounds like a test on Paslode Galvanized nails..." And my personal favorite, "I have never heard of the wire corroding like that so quickly... Maybe you should drink the whole batch to test it?"
    This was 12 years ago, approximately, reminding you. So, yes. Been there, done that. Definitely like colloidal silver...and the memories.
    I'm just not sure about tossing a spoon into a barrel of untreated water and calling it a day. But, that's just me.
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  12. sarawolf

    sarawolf Monkey+++

    If most are like us we can pick up food here and there, we can and dry what we grow. We do not have the money for gold and silver as extra's. Heck we for the first time in years got tax money back and it went to the dentist. You do what you think best for you and yours.
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  13. Tully Mars

    Tully Mars Metal weldin' monkey

    I do have Pm's.
    I can't see any SHTF scenario where it wouldn't be an advantage at some point. For as long as it's been known man has placed high value on gold and I just don't see that changing if for no other reason than man's greed. The key for me is to not have bars of the stuff, but smaller coins and the dust and nuggets I've panned. I feel that it will be more user friendly as it were. Same for silver. Smaller coins, and as of late I've been hitting estate type sales and buying up real silver ware and service sets. I can always melt it down into ingots or ammo for werewolves:D Speaking of, personally I will be in very dire straights before I consider using ammo for barter or currency. Too many ways to have it come back and bite you in the chest. Just my [2c]

    I will say that PM's should be low on any prepper's list AFTER all the basics are well covered.
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  14. TnAndy

    TnAndy Senior Member Founding Member

    Some people will NEVER EVER "get' precious metals. They seem to think SHTF is going to be some kind of nuclear/mad max/EMP/space rock kinda thing.....and indeed, it could.

    But the ODDS are we will simply continue to spiral downward, with the fake US buck simply doing what it has over the last 100 years....becoming more worthless each passing year. That is why a 100 years ago, you could walk into any bank, and swap a $20 bill for a $20 gold coin. Now, you can't find a bank with gold, and if you have one of those coins, you can swap it for 60-65 of those $20 bills. The gold held it's value, the paper did not....nor will it in the future.

    So by all means, set aside preps in case an overnight event happens.

    And then, make sure you have some ability to continue to grow, process and preserve FOOD, draw your own water, make your own energy, and so on.

    Then, should you be blessed enough to have the resources to convert some of your Federal Reserve Notes into some real money, do so.
  15. Trouble

    Trouble Monkey

    I'm gonna keep my eyes on you...

    BTW, we have ammo too. :p
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  16. oil pan 4

    oil pan 4 Monkey+++

    This is true. Banks don't want anything to do with gold or silver bullion.
    Probably because they can't create, manipulate, hide, transfer or cook the books, open fake accouns, make it look like they have more than they really do with gold.
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  17. Ganado

    Ganado Monkey+++

    A very nice explanation of the difference between survival prepping and asset protection
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  18. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    If I were younger and had a family to worry about ,investing in an alternative monetary media is practical, not knowing what is in the wings.
    However at my age should there be a significant change in monitory media, and financial collapse, I've enough food and junk to trade to last me a while .
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