shout the oath in the tyrants face d.c.!

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    More from the sipsey street irregulars;june13th 09 gather on the mall in D.C. to reswear youroaths to uphold and defend...

    Over at Western Rifle Shooter's Association here, ( Pete has given the muster drumbeat for all Three Percenters to be on the Mall in Washington D.C. to renew or swear their oaths to the Constitution. The media ignored the Muster on the Green in Lexington, Massachussett's on 19 April. We must make such a large turnout in DC that they cannot ignore us.

    In Lexington, I watched current-serving and retired military men, current serving and retired law enforcement officers and members of the armed citizenry of the United States take the oath, some for the second time, some for the first, some of them with tears streaming down their faces.

    I second Pete's call. Shout your oath in the tyrant's face. I will.

    See you in D.C.

    Mike Vanderboegh
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