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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by Ricochet, Aug 21, 2007.

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    I just wanted to share my experience about a wonderful Dr I had when it came to stocking up on meds for any future event.

    I travel to Asia a lot, and during one trip I was going to the mountains of Northeast China near the Russian border. This area is extremely mountainous and very remote.
    Here's a pic:

    Before I left, i talked with my Dr about my upcoming excursion and asked him what type of medication I should take before I leave. There was no way to be helicoptered out or any real government assistance for my group if we were to get hurt out there.

    The Chinese government really has no resources for S&R in that area. Especially to help an American!

    He Rx'ed my some Pennicillan VK, Cipro (for any REAL severe infection), Hydromorphone (Morphine/Dilaudid), Hydrocodone. Both of these pain meds were for severe pain from a broken limb or something. Rx strength Immodium and some electrolyte tablets for heat exhaustion.

    Luckily I didn't need to use any of the meds during my trip, although I had to take a few vicoden after I came back because my back was screaming in pain from lugging around all that gear!

    But a few days later I noticed I wasn't feeling well, and went to see him. I had caught some type of parasite and needed to get that looked at.
    When you mingle with the locals out there, its very rude to turn down food they give you. So I had to bite the bullet and eat some if that horrific food! lol

    Any how, I talked with him about how to dispose of this medicine. You cant just flush stuff like that down the toilet believe it or not. Especially Anti- Biotics!
    He told me to take the hydromorphone to the pharmacy and they have proper disposal procedures.

    Spoke with him about preparedness and if these meds were good to keep on hand for any type of emergency, and said yes. He even keeps a stock of meds on hand for his family "Just in case".

    I just wanted to share this with you all, if you have an understanding Dr, he/she may be able to give you a small quantity of stuff for your family. I highly recommend this if you live in a frequent hurricane area or any other area thats prone to natural disaster.
    Just being honest with your Dr. and building a trust worthy relationship with them is one key to surviving a SHTF. If you can get to talking about what they have done to ensure they're families survival. Offer to help them make a list of gear they could benefit by having.

    You never know, you may have a new friend with a medical degree and a reliable person to call upon in a SHTF if you need critical medical attention.

    (Sorry for any grammar errors or spelling mistakes, Its 8:45am and I have been up all night. Time to get some Z's)

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    I am often Captain of one of our salvage fleet and can request a list of controlled medicines for shipboard use. This has proven quite useful over the years.
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    I have family members that are in the medical profession and can issue scripts, plus a few friends, good idea to start talking to them, now is the time to build up a stock not later.
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