Siberian Forest Fires, We should be extremely worried!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ura-Ki, Aug 19, 2021.

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    Any one seeing what's going on in the rest of the world? There are several very large forest fires burning right now around the world, each is very bad on it's own, but combined, they are Biblical in their total destructiveness, None more worrisome then Siberia, which is currently over 7 Million Hectors, which put into terms we westerners can understand, is about 2.4 acres per hector, Do the math!
    Why is this so dangerous you ask, well, think of all that perma frost which is holding millions upon millions of acre feet of methane gas, and all the millions of tons of carbon dioxide, plus carbon monoxide from the fires now being released into the atmosphere, were talking millions of tons of it, which is already raising air and ground temps by several deg. C which is super bad, temps have risen almost 30 deg. in the Siberian artic alone and they are seeing unprecedented amounts of perma frost melt which is also causing flooding and contamination of drinking water and massive loss of life for all those game animals that people need to survive on!

    This is going to cause a massive global cooling, and it will likely lead to massive loss of life on this little rock we call home! THIS could very well be what we have all been "Prepping" for, THIS could be THE ONE! Not to sound alarmist or anything, but the science on this is way too big to ignore, and it's only just starting!

    Add in the massive number of very large fires burning in the Mediterranean, plus here in the states, and add in the 3 Volcanos in Alaska now erupting at the same time, plus another volcano in Siberia which is also erupting, and we are seeing world air quality index standards that are in the un heathy, to dangerous readings around the globe, even Antarctica is seeing the smoke and ash! My friends, this is Serious!

    So, why isn't it being widely reported by all the major MSM's, why are we not seeing the Huge cry for help around the world? Why are we so focused on what's happening in the middle east, and politics here at home, while these dire world events should be far more concerning and should be addressed as such!

    Where is that nasty little sock puppet Gretta screaming out "how dare you" cause global warming, while the earth is about to enter an ice age!
  2. Ura-Ki

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  3. Ura-Ki

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    As of today, Siberia has burned an estimated 10 million acres, or 8,000 square miles if my maths is correct!
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  4. DKR

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    About average for a Alaskan summer
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    Maybe humans beat the evolutionary odds and don't go extinct or maybe we do........ Either way none of us have any control over it, all we can do is adapt and survive if we are worthy as a species.
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  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    Shoot Down the Chem Trails planes , Poof , Blue sky's and back to normal

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    Cool story, the magnetic north pole is now currently over Siberia.
    Harp and Chem trail are a rain dance compared to the power of the earth's magnetic field.
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    Jeez, you guys… 9.3 million bucks over 5 years, will not buy much Diesel Fuel to run HAARP For very long… The facility charges $5K and hour to light up the Ionosphere, for independent clients… and 90% of that is fuel costs… and a good chunk of that NSF Money is buying, and installing a LIDAR about 3 years from now… Ooooh, the HARRP Bogeyman is going to scramble your brains.. Oooooh….
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    You made your point, no one cares. No one is going to think hard enough about the ramifications of these fires. Everyone is focused on what is directly in front of them. They want to save themselves from a virus that attacks the respiratory system but it will be all for nothing. IMO our respiratory systems have already been weakened over the years from environmental pollution plus Fukushima. Our specifies will be weakened.

    Every able country in the world should be sending planes and troops out to fight this fire. Yet very few know this fire is burning.
  10. DKR

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    The 2019 Siberian wildfires began in July 2019 in poorly accessible areas of northern Krasnoyarsk Krai, Sakha Republic and Zabaykalsky Krai, all in Siberia, Russia. By the end of the month the size of the fires reached 2,600,000 hectares (6,400,000 acres).
    As of 30 July, there have been no reported deaths or injuries due to the fires. CAn't fight a fore you can't reach.

    Error - Cookies Turned Off
    Boreal forest fires in Siberia in 1998: Estimation of area burned and emissions of pollutants by advanced very high resolution radiometer satellite data

    We have some pretty big fires here in AK. Here are the stats and history.
    Fire Statistics
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  11. Gafarmboy

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    It seems as all this might have been planned. Massive fires raging out of control all around the world.
  12. Gator 45/70

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    Didn't that place get pancaked back in 39 ? Big meteorite or its cousin?
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  14. oil pan 4

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    Well remember half the global warming on earth has been in the artic and antarctic, it's blamed on ozone loss, the actual ozone loss mechanism is still open for debate.
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  15. DKR

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    Ben Davidson has quoted some recent papers and a monograph on Geomagnetic loss and increased energy arriving at the poles = more lightening and warming.
    Another paper, by NASA, points to the same mechanism heating Jupiter absent any other known source of heating. As an aside, tidal heating may be part of the total, but Auroral heating has been demonstrated.

    Jupiter’s Powerful Polar Aurorae are Responsible for Upper-Atmospheric Heating, Study Shows | Planetary Science, Space Exploration |

    NASAs JUNO probe provides current data
    Juno Joins Observatories to Solve "Energy Crisis" on Jupiter
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    Yes, Ben just gave NASA another very good "fonging" for being the liars they are. We shall see if they intend to respond or not...probably not.

    You could always find more info on fires from here: Fires and scroll down to view more.
    I wouldn't pay attention to the claims of global warming due to fires when we're not even receiving confirmation from the "experts" about the gigantic ball of fire in the sky which heats our planet every day. ;)
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