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    What's with companies and gimmicks? Eh?


    I always put guns like this (and the Punisher edition) in the "bad karma" category. It's kind of cool to all your buddies until you pull it on somebody and they take it from you and pistol whip you with it. "Some Punisher you are tough guy."
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    I'm a big Sig guy but this thing is just ugly. It seem like the kind of thing that would only appeal to a very small group of people. I have a Sig P220 with De oppresso liber insignia on the slide also only applies to a small group.
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    Here's some more pics from the 1911 forum. ...needs a black Sharpie.

    Shot Show 2012 - Molon Labe - 1911Forum

    Let's all give credit where it's due: thank you Kenyan for being the best gun salesman in the world and for giving rise to once lost ideologies such as Gadsden's Flag and people rediscovering the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. Without you, there would be no market for a gun like this.


    Only through having an apostate megalomaniac in office would there be such a need to redefine our political landscape and focus on the principles that made this country great in the first place.
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    1400.00? erm, probably not. Wondering if it was just a 'Special' for ShotShow to gauge interest.

    Kind of like the prototypes here at the Detroit Auto Show.
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    I hate to say it but I'd rather have one with Hello Kitty or SpongeBob on it.
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    Monkey version?

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    That would be AWESOME!! Firing a SpongeBob 1911 while screaming the SpongeBob SquarePants song!

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