Sig .22 High Capacity Magazine Conversion

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    I just bought my second Sig 22LR Upgrade Parts kit for the last Magazne I got from Midway. This is for one of the kits that convert a Sig 226 and other Sigs to a sweet .22. You can find the conversion of the gun on the net. Try Midway Arms first to see if they have them in stock.

    But right now I'm talking about the SIGPOWER conversions that add an extra 5 rounds of .22 to the basic Sig Arms Magazine and you can also purchase the Follower that will hold open the slide at the last round. This is my second purchase of the kits and each time I have had good service and a set of parts that work.

    The seller and machinest is a owner/operator and does good work, not associated with Sig Arms/ me or him.


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