Sig Sauer 716 Patrol Rifle.

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    I have had this rifle for a couple of months and in till I can locate my camera, there will be no pictures. This will be a basic user review regarding how the weapon handles, shoots, and the gas piston operation..

    This is an AR10 type rifle chambered for the 7.62NATO cartridge. For those that are uninformed, the 7.62NATO and the 308 Winchester are basically the same cartridge, BUT, and this is a big BUT, it is not recommended that you do not fire 308 Winchester ammo in any rifles marked and chambered for the 7.62NATO. The reason being that the chambers for the 7.62Nato cartridge are made with a longer head space over the civilian 308 counterpart. If you do fire 308 ammo in a 7.62 chamber, you do risk minor problems that can become major problems if you are faced with a serious situation. I have fired 308 ammo in one other AR10 type rifle I own. What I found is that the civilian cases stretch to fit the longer chambers. This can definitely lead to a case head separation and the body of the case stuck in the chamber.

    Now then, back to the Sig. This rifle is a Stoner AR rifle. Just a tad larger. It breaks down just like any AR15 with the exception of the gas piston. This rifle will accept any original Armalite AR10 type magazine. I use those made by DPMS and C-Products, but I do believe they no longer make the AR10 mags. I have had to modify every DPMS mag to make them feed reliably, why they were not made that way is beyond me. So far I have fired close to 400 rounds with absolutely no malfunctions, but I can make the same claim with my DI DPMS LR308. I will not say that either one is any better. Neither one has proven to be any better than the other, so please, let us not get into that argument.

    Accuracy with this rifle with just the basic iron sights is around 2"-3" moa with Winchester white box 147 grain ammo. Now then, I DO NOT benchreast any combat rifle unless it has an optical sight mounted. I do all accuracy test firing from a basic prone position with a standard military sandbag. I have tried a few groups with surplus M118LR ammo. Group size again with iron sights is a consistent 1.5"-1.75". All groups are five rounds each.

    The gas piston does have an adjustable valve with four positions, "Normal", "Adverse", "Suppressed", and "Off". So far, I have had the valve on "Normal". I do not have a suppressor, so I cannot vouch on how the weapon works with a suppressor.

    The MSRP for this is $2499.00, the Dunhams that I bought this from had a price of $1,999. This may well be beyond most budgets to afford, but if you can, I would recommend this with a 4.5 out of 5.
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