Silver Coin proposal to US governors

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    Silver Coin Proposal

    Silver Stock Report
    March 2, 2006
    by Jason Hommel

    Congratulations to all silver investors!

    The following is the cover letter that I'm sending to the 50 governors' offices.

    Jason Hommel March 3, 2006
    xxx xxxx xxxx
    xxxxx, CA xxxxx
    (530) 432-9671

    Governor's Office
    Attention Scheduling Department.
    State Capitol Building
    City, State, ZIP CODE

    Attention Scheduling Department.

    In July of 2005, I first sent you the attached Silver Coin Proposal. At the time, the price of silver was about $7/oz. Today, silver is over $10/oz. Silver is up over 100% from its low of $4.15/oz. in 2003! Several state Governor’s offices have already called me to express their interest in the proposal.

    I would like to schedule an appointment with Governor XXXXXX XXXXXXXX to discuss the details of my Silver Coin Proposal to re-introduce honest money into circulation to improve your State’s economy. Since nearly all of society is not familiar with silver, the Governor will have some questions. May I suggest a conference call with the Governor and perhaps the State Treasurer and/or any economic advisors? Because there are numerous details about the silver market that I can explain.

    This is about honesty, and silver. To implement the Silver Coin Proposal, the Governor need not contact me at all. All the information you need is contained in the Silver Coin Proposal.

    What do I get out of this? I’m already a multi-millionaire. I’m not trying to sell coins. I’m not looking for a coin-minting contract. I don’t want consulting fees. I believe that honest money is something that will protect and help all of society more than any other issue that anyone can focus on. Frauds always end badly. Paper money is fraud, and we need a plan to protect ourselves. My Silver Coin Proposal is that plan.


    Jason Hommel

    Included is a DVD of the Gold Rush 21 Conference of the word’s best gold analysts. This DVD includes 8 hours of footage of presentations, and exposes the manipulation of the gold price by the IMF and central banks. But this is nothing next to the silver shortage. Any State Government that takes advantage of this information will secure wealth and prosperity for its people and government.

    Included is a sample one-ounce silver coin.
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    Wouldnt there be an inherent problem with sending that proposal to the govenors in that the minting of money is restricted to only the Federal level? As I recall its under the constitution that only the national gov can produce money so the only thing the govs could do (maybe) would be to make some kind of comemerative coins that could be traded based on the metal but could not be considered legal tender. :dunno:
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    If I read it correctly in the original Idea and proposal, This is not "Legal Tender" so it is not a Federal thing. Take a look at the Liberty Dollar program by NORFED...

    THis plan would work better as it would be State "approved" and not just an idea.

    An alternative to paper money minted by the Fed.

    Notice there is no "Face Value" on the coin. It would be a system of weight

    Here's the original proposal

    and NORFED's site.

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    What a State should do is SUE the Feds.....

    CONgress is supposed to coin the money......I suppose in the loosest interpretation of the word "coin" that could include about anything from aluminum slugs to paper....

    BUT that puts the States in a quandry.....because Constitutionally, THEY can ONLY use gold and silver coin as payment of their State Debts.....therefore, Constitutionally, THEY CAN'T USE ANYTHING ELSE.......Art1 Sec 10 is VERY PLAIN on that.....

    SO, they should SUE the FEDS for not coining any silver or gold coin and making that legal tender so a State could operate it's business....The Feds are in violation of Art1 Sec 8

    Actually, I think any State employee or anyone providing a good or service to a State SHOULD SUE THE STATE if they are paid in anything but gold or silver.
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