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    I'm not selling them, I'm telling you where to find them. At least in my local Tinder Box. I can't say whether it's a company-wide thing or just local, but I wanted to spread the word just in case.

    Military tribute folders made in China, which include a real 1 oz American Silver Eagle bullion coin. It's been colorized and it's in a plastic capsule mounted in a perhaps 6" x 6" folder with slip cover and includes a "certificate of authenticity". Made by Morgan Mint. My local shop had Navy and Army. I would assume the other services could be in your shop.


    Elvis Presley tribute. The ones I got are 35th anniversary of Aloha from Hawaii. Same thing, real American Silver Eagle 1 oz US Mint bullion, colorized, in a plastic case these are in a box like rings come in. Also Morgan Mint. The color and the packaging are from China.

    Normal price on these things is $63 or $65,

    BUT THEY ARE ON SALE for 50% OFF, making them $31 (LESS THAN SPOT)

    This is at my local shop in the Memphis mall. Let me know if your shop has them too.

    There were also 50ยข pieces with similar treatment but I don't have any confidence in knowing which of those might be real silver, the price on these makes me think they are not.

    The US Mint web site does have a mention of these things. They basically say "if you actually want to support the subject of a commemorative, then you should buy OUR commemoratives, since the proceeds go to those we're commemorating." But the Morgan Mint products really are Eagles, and you aren't buying them to commemorate anything, you're getting silver for less than spot (and WAY less than you pay for Eagles anywhere else)

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