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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by G-khan, Apr 11, 2006.

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    With the housing market tanking and Oil prices soaring I expect a market crash. How is the economy going to keep going when it has been refinancing that has pumped it up and that is now taken away. You add to it increased energy costs and it will leave a lot less for spending. Plus we have many people who bought homes on plans to flip them and many are starting to go into the red. It is taking longer to sell and they have to pay the monthly mortgage while they wait..

    Make sure you have Silver as it is going to beat the old high of 50 an oz. During the last depression there were some who prospered and did well, make sure you and your families are one of them.

    Good luck to all and make sure to tuck away as much Silver as you can - you will be glad you did..

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    Thanks G-Khan™

    I agree. The US and the World is riding the wave of a Hurricane Party right now. The 'experts' are telling us that everything will be alright, the Mortgage commercials have gone to "No Closing Costs", the .gov is printing $$$ like mad and we are out of Cash.

    Add to that the imigration situation, terrorism, War, Iran, Nukes, Bird Flu, Housing, Jobs, etc.... I think that we will see that $100 silver very soon... This is not a panic buy because it has been mentioned on CNN.

    What we are seeing in Silver movement right now is a wake up.

    The true 'correction' is UP

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