For Sale Silverlon 4" x 66" Wound Dressings

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  1. damu

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    I have for sale a quantity of Silverlon 4" x 66" Burn Wrap Dressings. They are each in the sterile packaging and priced at $105. This is 50% off the retail pricing. I can discount slightly for quantity purchases. These are great for stopping infection when you are dealing with a serious wound. I have set aside a bunch in my preps and put a few in each of our Bug Out Bags. I thought others may want to do the same. I have included some details of the product from the manufacturer below:

    SilverlonĀ® Burn Dressings have proven effectiveness in burn treatment. All Silverlon Burn Dressings are ideal for use on 1st and 2nd degree burns, partial to full thickness wounds, grafts and donor sites. Long the choice of the U.S. Army for burn and blast injuries, Silverlon Burn Dressings:
    -Contour easily to wound surfaces
    -Offer quick and simple application for improved burn management
    -Provide seven-day efficacy which means fewer dressing changes and greater patient comfort -Allow maintenance of range of motion due to dressing flexibility and elasticity Silverlon Advantage | Silverlon Silver Dressings
    NSN 6510-01-522-2173

    bwd6108. 49656267.
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    damu, please see Notice to Vendors and act on what it suggests. In the meantime, this thread is locked. Will unlock when you have clearance.
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