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Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Matteo10572, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Matteo10572

    Matteo10572 Monkey+

    Cmon you Bunch-O-Monkeys [monkeyeating] I am the new guy here. Tell me why (if there isn't already) a "Simian Seed Exchange" . Obviously the gardening skills and best fresh yearly seeds are avialable among us that garden and know. We should be sharing these seeds with one another rather than just telling each other where to buy them. IF we can get a sticky on this and begin sharing, I will offer something wonderful to all that can grow okra. I will begin by giving enough free " Stewarts Zee Best" Okra seeds to any simians that ask for them. I grow them in my garden and they are by far the best , most tender, tastiest Okra that you will find and they will stay tender to a rather large size depending on your conditions. THey as most okra love hot weather and will produce lbs and lbs of okra all summer but you have to harvest like every other day. Great for pickling too. Just a dozen plants will keep you up to your eyeballs in Okra if you can grow okra. I pick these off the plant and they are awesome raw to eat like a carrot. Maybe dip in some of your favorite apple cider vinegar[drooling]. Mix into salads, great fried or in gumbo too. Just let the pods grow large and dry brown to get seeds. Since I am new and my inbox is limited, Just contact me via email at and I will send you enough seeds to grow some of your own this season and start spreading the love. I will only be able to do this until I run out of seeds or postage $. heheh

    [applaud]By the way, I am calling you old monkeys out [CRC]and asking you to pay it forward and offer up some of your best fresh seeds for the rest of the monkey clan to begin growing to make their own seeds.(no Hybrids allowed)

    God bless
  2. -06

    -06 Monkey+++

    Have planted Clemson Spineless forever but last year I spotted my bud's "bush" okra. They had the most Okra pods I have ever seen and he said they tasted great. Have only a few pods but will have plenty next season. We usually have a seed swap at our spring gatherings. Last year we had two different types of Lima beans, white "mule" corn, and a variety of others. If you are local to NC/SC please make plans to come in April. Google(Dogpile) 4-H Camp Millstone to see a few pics/details.This spring's gathering is going to be a BO exercise--so come BO with us.
  3. Matteo10572

    Matteo10572 Monkey+

    I realize that some of you may not trust me because I am new but you could always have Falcon15 verify that I am legit. I think he may be in my state. heheh. I wouldn't want to piss him off. Or just get the moderators to allow me more inbox and problem is solved.
  4. Matteo10572

    Matteo10572 Monkey+

    I have grown and cooked several types of okra since I am from the south. I can tell you ZEE BEST is the best by far that I have experienced. Less irritating spines, very round without ridges, very awesome to eat fresh.

    I expect you bunch O monks to put up some seeds that are equally as good.
  5. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    OK, to be completely honest. Mateo lives near the Houston Metro area. He and I have exchanged oh, 4 PM's. Other than that, I really can't say anything else.
  6. melbo

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    Locked until review.
    You are probably well meaning but this is a little more aggressive of a first post/intro to our forum than we normally see.

    Many here are concerned about giving out personal information and your offer requires just that - names and addresses.

    No offense, just the precautions we take to keep this place safe.

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