Simple way to make a sheath and wet forming,part 2.

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  1. sticks65

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    Part 2,wet forming..

    Soak your sheath for one minute in warm water.

    Put grease on your blade and wrap it in clingfilm.

    Put your wrapped knife in the wet sheath and use a piece of wood that has rounded ends and has been sanded smooth,use this to roll and rub around the shape of the handle and blade,keep going back and re-rolling and shaping until it takes form.

    I left my sheath to dry over two days.










    Sheath finish waxed and buffed.

    Part 1 can be found by following the link below.

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  2. ghrit

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    With the sheath formed on the handle, I can see why the lanyard is necessary. The sheath might just have a good grip on the knife.
  3. Ken

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    What are you using for thread?
  4. sticks65

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    waxed string,the natural kind you use in gardening.

    I dyed it using tea and then dipped it in wax and pulled it through my fingers to get the excess off.
  5. franks71vw

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    Damn great info... I was wondering about leaving a grommet hole on the bottom and making one for a larger knife to tie to your thigh... Dumb question but where is the best place to look for leather.. I was thinking auto seat upolstering place??
  6. sticks65

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    Really you want atleast 3mm thick leather for a sheath,i got mine from a local cobbler.
  7. hog

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    Totaly agree with this or its just far to flimsy.
  8. groovy mike

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    how long do you soak the leather?
  9. sticks65

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    I soaked it for one minute in warm water.
  10. pcc

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    Great info, this looks like a good project for my sons boy scout group. Have a couple of questions for you.

    In part one when you say drill the holes, I'm thinking you used an awl. Is there some reason that would prevent an electric drill from working, it would make it much faster & safer when dealing with a group of 8, 9 & 10 year old kids.

    You formed the leather around the handle of the knife very closely, I assume you formed it that way to hold the knife without a strap. Looking at the shape of the handle it appears that it may be difficult for a kid to insert the knife into the sheath.

    With kids in mind do you think it would it be better not to form it so tight in that area so they don't have to force it in?? Thanks again for posting.

  11. sticks65

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    I did use a drill not an awl[winkthumb]

    I think yes It would be awkward for a kid to get the knife In that type of sheath.

    Yes I think it would be better to not form it so tight for a young ones sheath.[winkthumb]
  12. Brokor

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  13. Hispeedal2

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    Really cool. I think I will keep my eye open for leather scraps.
  14. Brokor

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    And part 2 bump.
  15. sticks65

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  16. XiBowhunter

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    This was a great how-to. I need to find a knife like that so I can make a custom sheath.
  17. eeyore

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    Very nice sticks
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