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    Since iam single and i have basically design my long term food and meal planner around my basic taste i will eat and will not eat in the way of stock pileing long term foods in n10 cans or 5 gallon sized buckets for use as need ..

    most of the long term food items i like i can get in the 5 or 6 gallon sized buckets for there use in the storage racks in the cabin storage area ..

    most of the basic side dish of the meal is a combo of the following items put togerther for a meal with some type of meat ..chicken or beef or pork and not much turkey ..i do eat alot more chicken than beef or pork in the weekly food meal plan than the other two beef or pork meat items ..

    the beef and pork items are used on the weekend menu on a sunday type of meal for that go all out meal that was used to be sunday afternoon dinner with the family type of meal ..

    here is a list of the main meal side dishs items i use for completeing the meal ..



    apple sauce

    red beans

    black beans

    white navy beans

    white rice ..

    i use a combo of those two for some meals and other meals it basically one side dish only in the meal when iam cooking ..

    here is a list of what i call my stand alone meal that has no side dish to them but a crackers or bread dish for the eating with the meal

    a fix a pot of chili

    spaghetti with meatballs and meat sauce

    a pot of white navy beans and chunks of ham

    a pot of beef stew with potatoes and corn

    sloppy joes for lunch meal or dinner with sandwich bread

    meatloaf with a mixture of beef flavored tvp and real canned meats with flour and tamato powder mixed up with a few items to make home made ketchup and egg powder as the basic dish ...

    becuase of not beening able to get crackers after something has happen i chose to cook it without it in the meal comes out just fine without the crackers ..just use a little more flour in the mix than it called for and with the eggs and flour acting as the glue to hold the meat in the meal togerther ..

    with a tamato powder on top of the unit just like a regular ketchup

    just use the ratio of three cups of drained and cooked meat to one cup of drained to the meat loaf forumla that i use ..the tamato
    in the slow cooker i have at the cabin ..

    this meals are stand alone meals in meal planner and are eaten once a week time frame as a evening meal and the lunch meal the next day from the left overs ..

    also part of the plan is the canned meat i have stocked up on and with them and meat flavored tvp also add to the dish to help stetch the meat dish a little farther and the left overs going into the small fridge to keep them cold and make the dish last a little longer ..

    plus i stocked up on spices and other smaller items like tamato powder and eggs and other things to make up the meals i will eat in the long run ..

    i also have some things that make up the simple and basic breakfast menu i use every day at the house ..

    i have tried the long term food cookbooks and could not get some of the meals to come out like they should so i went with what i know how to make and cook and bake for my basic food stowage..
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    Are you the kind of person who can take some good natured ribbing?
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    iam Dyslexia and it was never caught intill i went into the military back in 1975 era and my school never really put forth the effort to try and figure out the problem back then for beeing a slow and poor spelling and writeing skills back the late 60s and early 70s in a very rural area i grew up in it was off to the other slow learners class at the time ...
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    consider packing in smaller quanities... i teach college students simple recipes that meet their need and budget... a small jar of Salsa and minute rice = spanish rice... a can of campbells soup and minue rice= a quick meal... same with canned chili and rice... hamburger and rice with the right seasoning and salsa make pretty good Burritos... lots of easy rice dishes that can be made into individual meals with a few bits and pieces...
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    Ahhh.... you're assuming.... don't do that!!! ;) I don't care about collegiate levels of citation.... nobody's whacking out a thesis here so who cares about spelling and such if what the person is typing is comprehensible.... and I can read EVERYTHING you type just fine and if I ever can't.... I'll ask you what you meant and you can just tell me... ok... deal?
    I wanted to know if you could take some good natured ribbing is all because if you can... I found a YouTube video that made me bust out laughing that I e-mailed to one of my kids.
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    yes i can take a ribbing being the youngest of 12 kids in self defense i learned to take it
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  8. Equilibrium

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    I'm sorry about that. I'm NOT putting that in there like that.... that full page crap just keeps happening.
    I know... simple pleasures for simple minds and all with that video but..... he told me pizza was balanced and the thought of him opening that You Tube reduced me to fits of giggles. I'm convinced it's a guy thing leaving out veggies thinking catsup and tomato sauces cover all the bases. I really think you should go back to your food list and add canned fruits and vegetables.Think of the lunch plates all over HI and think of what's on the plates they sell us.... they're almost always very colorful.... they're adding vegetables and fruits.
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    Like my older sister told me, every meal should have at least 3 colors in it!
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    and there is three kinds of colored beans.
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    Men. ;)
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