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    Who has one?

    Which one do you have?

    How has using one in training affected you actual shooting?

    I don't think this is really a prepper's tool--mostly for IDPA/3 Guns types I reckon, so, I will be surprised if someone has one. My thinking is "Why would I spend $300 on this when I could buy ammo or food with that?" Of course, I pay $500/year for a membership at a gun range . . . on just paper targets . . . how realistic is that, eh? Having a SIRT, I could set up something in the back yard and train.

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    I use green-gas airsoft and they save me a bundle on ammo. I have three, a single stack 1911, a Limited 2011, and an Open 2011. They are the best practice tool I have ever owned. The blow-back operation combined with the realistic weight and feel of the weapons make them better than dry-fire and almost as good as live-fire, especially for getting a site-picture and rounds off quick.
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    I've got the one with the green laser. I know it seems like a lot to spend on a laser trainer but it excels in helping build skill in: handgun manipulation, speed and tactical magazine reloads, trigger control, and moving while firing, increasing accuracy, especially when used with a holster and mag pouch. I can practice all these skills and more at home anytime day or night without having to go to the range or use ammo.

    In this day of higher ammo costs, I use the SIRT along with live fire to increase proficiency training under "realistic" scenarios while reducing the amount of ammunition used.

    I see a lot of solid range booth shooters fall apart (unsafe pistol handling , reduced accuracy) when training scenarios become dynamic (ie. drawing from a holster, movement, engaging multiple targets, etc). Using it has increased my skill set this area.

    It's not for everyone. But for those that want to improve their skills efficiently, it may be worth the investment. Jus my two cents..
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