The Lizard Farmer SITREP From The Farm (And What’s Left Of Free America)

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    Just a quick situation report. Nope, I haven’t abandoned the blog and yes I am literally busier than a one legged man in an asskicking contest. I have so many irons in the fire right now the prioritization is kind of a jumble.

    The next blog entry is awaiting some refining of graphics. I am going to take a basic photoshop course at the local clown college so my dependence on a graphics smart guy will be nil. But in the meantime This is a little glimpse into my world:

    I’ve got two 3 day SUT classes scheduled over the next month. Since thanksgiving I have run two different groups through a full weekend course short notice. Demand is high folks – on everyone. Especially with the insanity going on.

    The incoming county Sheriff (whom incidentally is my second cousin and a helluva Constitutionalist) has asked me to put together a framework for a volunteer force to guard local schools in both an armed and unarmed capacity. This is currently priority one on my taskers.

    Apparently I am now also the local gunsmith ironing out AR builds for folks that have attempted to put their own rifles together. Folks please if you lack the tools or knowledge get with someone that has done it before. It saddens me when I see a ruined high dollar upper.

    A big one: I along with most of the other local beef ranchers here have pulled our stock from the public market. We’re selling to private parties only at what amounts to a lower rate than supermarkets charge. We finagled a local butcher to slaughter and package the beef once it’s sold (so in essence folks are buying a live beef and for their cost getting a final product). Why is this important? We’re making more money, people are saving money and we’re throwing the finger to the markets. Watch this type of movement because it’s going to gain momentum and is already happening in several states. And not just beef either. A friend of mine whom is a major supplier to Tyson poultry didn’t renew his contract with them after they tried to force him to lower his price. He went local and he’s making more and folks are saving more. Bottom line:

    The Inner cities may control the vote but by God we control the food. And to the man we’re ready to scorch the earth before we let them take it away.

    Once the taskers clear up a bit I’ll hit this harder but for now my focus is local, local, local. As should yours be.

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