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    So we are all (4) sitting in my friends 35k+ boat and my buddy says ya know I don't think its cost effecient. we all laughed cause we're sitting there with 200 dollar rods in this year salary boat towed by a year salary truck and I have to laugh because I know that It is what it is. This person is a part of my MAG, Not because we planned on it but because He's my brother. He has skills that equate to a normal monkey though he dos'nt recognize it
  2. Brokor

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    Most things spoken seem funnier with beer added to the equation. [touchdown]
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  3. tacmotusn

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    I, not being much of a deep thinker most of the time, scratch my head and wonder only one thing. What kind of a fishing trip was it? ..... from there the questions expand ..... Did they get skunked? Did they have any extra-ordinary true tales to tell from the trip? What did they catch? Anyone set a personal best? Where were they fishing? What kind of bait or lures? How were they rigged up. So, you started this conversation, how about it?
    As you might perceive from my questions ...... I am a fisherman!
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  4. oldawg

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    And verrrrryyyy important is how many beers before that personal best story.
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    Almost sounds like a Lt. Dan/Forest Gump kind of a relationship---LOL. Which one is the first mate and how many ways can you cook "scriph"?
  6. ghrit

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    Who said the boat wasn't still on the trailer? (Just because they were holding their rods doesn't mean they were fishing ---)
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  7. munchy

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    We salmon fishing, he realized how stupid a statement it was as soon as he said it and we all stared at him. I don't think we'd had any beer yet! We did alright 3 chinook and 4 jacks.
  8. BTPost

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    So you guys stole all our Alaska King Salmon, this year.... The FEDs have declared the Alaska King Salmon Fishery an Official Disaster, and are going to pay our fishermen, a Bunch of Money, so they can have another year of no King Salmon, next year.... ObamaBucks to the rescue.....
  9. Gator 45/70

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    Mai Bruce,Who wiped out the salmon..Those pesky bear's or the ''Sport's''...
  10. BTPost

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    No, actually this year was a KNOWN small Fish Year, in Alaska. The parent year for this year had major weather issues, that resulted in very low Escapement counts, as well as low Fry counts, the next spring. Look for a substantial increase next summer, in all Salmon species, here in Alaska....
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  11. munchy

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    We've had an amazing year for jacks but definately less mature kings and nooks than 2-3 years ago
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