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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by sgt peppersass, May 12, 2012.

  1. sgt peppersass

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    Hey fellas, I need some help ASAP on finding some stuff for my SKS. Its a yugo version, i was swapping out for some different furniture. I wanted a colapsible stock and a pistol grip so my wife would enjoy shooting it more. I got the tapco stock with the blade cut into it.

    Well my problem is that i ended up being is with the gas tube, i couldnt get the pin out, mangles the pin and i bent the plate holding the handguard on. :rolleyes:I saw a yugo gas tube with handguard that fits the yugo but i dont know if it comes with the plate and pin to put it back on? Any help would be appreciated. Also if anyone has a site that happens to have lower prices that'd also be nice :)
  2. Sapper John

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    Try Shotgun news,they have dealers who sell everything you can imagine for an SKS rifle.
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  3. Gafarmboy

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    Shotgun news is the best source for these weapons.
  4. sgt peppersass

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    have you guys used them before?
  5. Sapper John

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    I have not used those particular dealers,but Shotgun News has a very good reputation and I have not heard of any complaints about them.
  6. Gafarmboy

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    some yes, some no

    I have not dealt with any SKS dealers for some time now. Parts got hard to find two years ago and they also got expensive. At that time they were asking 105 -125 for a trigger group. That is more than the ENTIRE rifle cost me 10 years ago.

    But as to your question, I must again agree with Sapper John, there is a chance of getting reamed by buying from any dealer, but those that advertise in Shotty News are usually vetted by the readers.

  7. slug36

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    FYI. changing justthe hand guard and stock on a otherwise military spec imported sks can get you into some trouble.

    you need to be fully 922r compliant if changing anything on a imported sks.
  8. sgt peppersass

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    gotcha, thanks for the heads up
  9. groovy mike

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    search sksboards forums.
  10. Tikka

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    Surprisingly, you can buy sks stocks etc on Amazon.
  11. xspecimen

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    Cheaper Than Dirt .com
  12. slug36

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    check out any of the aftermarket stocks you buy. they should be designed for a "BLADE" cut bayonet groove (Russian,Yugo,Romanian & some Chineese{Sino Soviet})
    or for the "SPIKE" type bayonet.(Chineese)
    that is IF you are keeping the bayonet on the rifle.

    DUH!! I read the OP where you said you had the blade type..

    also on the HG retainer. just straignten it out. and use a finish nail or a drill bit for the pin. I mangled mine a few times. It seems as though the pins are disposable. I used the Drill Bit method on my Norinco.
  13. Legion489

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    The Shotgun News is just a rag, they don't sell anything except ad space, just like E-Bay. Complain to SGN (or E-Bay) and they tell you there is nothing they can do, and if the person with the advert is a big spender, well then F--K YOU! Why are you wasting their time with your petty troubles?! Yes, that IS the reply SGN and E-bay sent me, although not in so many words, but that was the meaning.

    If possible send a POMO and when the scum screw you over, tell the scum it was a POMO and the Post Office would be interested in their using the mails to rip you off, as that is a FEDERAL OFFENSE! Got the attention of a few scum, but one E-Gay scum who mailed me junk (I didn't use a POMO for e-gay) just said "Yeah? Well F-- YOU!", so I reported it to E-Gay and the PO who did nothing, but if you keep pressing it, letters/calls to the PO bosses on up the ladder, the PO generally will do something about it just to shut you up.

    As to parts, try SARCO and NUMRICH GUN PARTS CORP. Sarco will normally short you a few parts (carefully count the pins, springs, screws and other small parts to make sure you got them all or what is missing) and this seems to be the SOP for them. I don't think I have ever got a complete order from Sarco if it had ANY small parts in it. Just call and politely say that you got your order, which you appreciate, but a few parts were missing and tell they what they are and they will send them to you. A ten cent pin or spring might not sound like much, but multiply that times 100,000 orders a year and it does!
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