Mosby Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Resist, Motherfuckers! Resist, in a Way That Matters!

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    So, the US House of Representatives voted yesterday, with an overwhelming majority, to pass the FY2015 funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which not coincidentally, includes full funding for the amnesty for illegal immigrants created by POTUS via executive fiat. Since every single Democrat representative supported funding the bill, it really only would have taken 30 Republicans to voting for it to pass the bill to POTUS for signing into law. If the Republican leadership even gave two fucks about PRETENDING to stand up to POTUS, they could have still passed it, and pretended to be opposed to it, as a party, by convincing the 30 Republicans to vote for it, and the rest to oppose it. Instead, there was a surplus of 45 Republican representatives that went ahead and voted for it as well.

    Now, before we get our panties in a twist, let’s look at some things.

    upload_2015-3-4_11-55-51. 1) It is not the responsibility of Congressional representatives to vote along party lines, contrary to popular belief. Their FIRST obligation is to vote along CONSTITUTIONAL lines. I haven’t bothered to read the bill, because ultimately, I know it doesn’t mean fuck-all, but, despite one of the fundamental duties—you could argue THE fundamental duty—of the federal government, being to protect the “homeland,” you know, I know, everyone that voted for or against the bill, and most of America with an IQ above room temperature is well aware that DHS has little (nothing) to do with actually protecting the homeland, and everything to do with controlling the populace of the USA.

    It can be argued, without much struggle—or fear of being disproved—that voting for funding DHS, in general, is voting for unconstitutional rule. But, opinions vary I suppose.

    2) Voting for it, without amendment, when it fully funds an obvious threat to the integrity and security of the United States of America, through blanket amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants (you can shove the term “undocumented alien” right up your ass), is definitively unconstitutional. It demonstrates not only a patent disregard to the security of the United States of America, but also the interests and labors of the citizenry of this nation, as well as legal, “I made the effort to do it the right way,” immigrants.

    So now, in an effort to keep track of these newly legalized criminal invaders (and make no mistake, I could give a fuck where they’re from, it’s still an invasion, when the numbers are that damned high), they’re going to presumptively, be issued Social Security numbers, entitling them to reap the benefits of that clusterfuck. Most Americans my age (early 40s) and younger, have long been well aware that we were never going to see a dime of our Social Security benefits. That’s been a given for a long time. Yet now, we’re supposed to sit peaceably by and watch someone who never even made an effort to support the Ponzi scheme reap the rewards? Fuck you, Paco.

    3) We know—DHS and the feds have even admitted as much—that jihadist supporters of the creation of the Global Caliphate are coming across the southern border, via the same channels that brought the newly legalized criminal invaders. So, the irony of voting FOR DHS, while also offering amnesty to the people who helped those enemies cross the border is exponentially increased.

    Further, it’s not as if all of our brown-skinned cousins from the South are paragons of civic virtue. Ignoring the FACT that by coming across the border illegally, they are ALREADY criminals (seriously, if my ass was Mexican, I’d probably have swum the damned river too. That doesn’t change the fact it would have made me a criminal), we also know that the cartels are sending sicarios and other violent offenders across, using the same migration routes, to set up shop in the CONUS.

    My stance is, anyone who voted for this bill, voted for the destruction of the United States of America. I don’t give two fucks what letter is behind their name. One-issue gun voters of course, will start whining about how we HAVE to vote for the Republicans, to protect our gun rights. Bullshit.

    The BATFE—for anyone who’s had their head firmly planted up their ass the last several weeks—is on the verge of banning M855/SS109 5.56mm ammunition, as “armor-piercing.” Well, here’s the thing. It WILL punch through soft-armor. That’s what it was fucking engineered to do. The overlooked caveat to that is two-fold: 1) pretty much ANY center-fire rifle ammunition will punch through soft armor. The shit isn’t even rated to stop rifle rounds. 2) The same administration that was egging inner-city “SJW” (for those as behind the times as me on cool-guy political acronyms, that stands for “Social Justice Warriors”) to use violent protest, putting law enforcement lives at risk is now using the protecting of LEO lives as their selling point on supporting the ban by the BATFE.

    The efficiency of M855 being arguable notwithstanding (everyone I ever shot with it is still dead, but I know a lot of people don’t trust it), it is, as everyone knows, another attempt by the administration to back-door restrictions on the ability of Joe Citizen to own—and operate efficiently—military-type fighting rifles. My prediction? The GOP is going to bitch and whine and vituperate against it…but it will go through, and then not a word will be heard from the GOP.

    Why? Because the only reason the GOP gives two shits about your guns is for votes, and as long as they keep SAYING they support guns, dumb motherfuckers will continue voting for them, regardless of what their actions clearly demonstrate.

    So….what the fuck is a prepared Patriot to do? It’s not like we’re going to overthrow the fucking government, right? (For the record, I don’t condone it, because it’s not necessary)

    Well, what the prepared Patriot ought to do is exactly what he/she should have already been doing: resisting.

    See, what the multi-cam wearing militia colonel with Dunlap’s Disease doesn’t realize, is that resistance doesn’t JUST mean getting in a goddamned gunfight that you’re probably not going to win in the long-term. What it means is, living your life, according to your values, and exercising your rights, and fuck the naysayers.

    What does that mean? If you’re a REAL American—by which I mean, someone that values the rights that the Constitution is supposed to guarantee the government will protect, and who believes in self-reliance, and taking care of your own people (kith and kin, anyone?), then fucking be like an old Nike commercial and JUST DO IT! mosby. You’re aware enough to have what you need to protect your family and community for at least a couple months of active security operations, right? Well, you’re not going to have to get in extended gunfights every day, yet, so you’ve got enough to last for awhile. If you don’t? Well, you’re a dumb motherfucker (I realize that some people, newly awakened, cannot be accurately described as a “dumb motherfucker” anymore, but hey, you were a dumb motherfucker for a long time, so own it).

    You’ve got food storage for a couple of years, and you’re adding to it regularly, correct? Or, are you one of those winners who thinks he’s going to come take it from me? Good luck, Hero.

    You’re building your health and fitness, to prevent illness and injury, in order to minimize your medical requirements and needs, and thus reduce your dependence on the state-controlled medical profession, right? Good.

    For the things you cannot provide for yourself—everything from chronic medical conditions that you cannot get around to the need for more bodies for security in the neighborhood—you’re going out of your way to be nice, and build rapport, and develop legitimate relationships with people, building networks, right? You’re spending quality time with established friends and family, to build more frith in those relationships, right?

    Then keep doing it. Resist by not being dependent on the government to “protect” your rights, let alone to provide them. The verb “have” is possessive. It implies ownership or possession. Well, I’ve got a newsflash for you. You can pontificate all you want about “natural rights” or “God-given rights.” REALITY however, says you only HAVE the rights you’re strong enough to exercise. Be a fucking warlord, and lead your tribe through the darkness.

    Weakness is cowardice.


    Skull-Stomping Sacred Cows: Resist, Motherfucker! Resist, in a Way That Matters! | Mountain Guerrilla

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    Dunlap’s Disease
    So many have it. They will suffer, too.
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    Melbo, you are a man of many parts. It's a pleasure to get to know you.
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    Holy F U C K !!! It's time for a post with balls like this!!!
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    Great post Melbo...thanks for sharing it!!
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    I knew it was posted from elsewhere. I figure if you agree with that piece enough to post it, we think very much alike. And since I am a man of many parts, you must be too. ;)
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    Great post Melbo, Ill stand with you anytime!!!!
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    @melbo, @Kingfish , 2nd.

    I'm with you also, if the need arises, which it already has
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