SKYNet is upon us

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by CATO, Jun 10, 2012.

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    Ahhh..., I wonder how they'll like some good old fashioned "PLUMBERS CRACK"?
    Can't see thru trees or heavy foilage ( yet) and certainly NOT underground!
    Dem Suckers!
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    Now they do have GPR systems....not sure about what they'll unleash on us next!
    I think Apple and Google are about to see a huge repercussion for invasion of privacy, amounting to billions of dollars...Gee, that would be too bad!
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    If you missed it, my blog Hydra back in late 2010, it gave you a heads up of what was coming down the pipe. So this shouldn't have come as a big surprise.

    Yes it is that bad. And it's nearly Military grade stuff. If you have enough money (municipalities, businesses like Insurance Co.) you too can haz 3 inch aerial resolution.

    LIDAR, Aerial Photography, USGS, FWS, European, US, Russian, you name it. It's out there and available. Nice thing is, they all have a datum point and all you have to do is provide a point, pick your data sources, push the button and wait for it to come to you.

    Thankfully "Enemy of the State" Isn't quite reality for standard governmental agencies.

    But I can get lat,lon and elevation coords to my chicken coop to less than 1 meter. So step out on your back porch and wave, you might be in pictures.

    This was nearly a year an a half ago. You don't think that the monster has gotten more heads since then now do you?
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    Those must be some of the buildings Hillary was shot at from upon arrival in Serbia back in the day.
  8. DarkLight

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    Yeah...augmented reality buildings for an augmented reality sniper.

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    Dang Visutrac, had to change the Passwords on my WebCams.... I have 4 Running now...
  10. Yard Dart

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    When you blend the satellite technology with the use of aireal drones, nowhere is free from active survellance given any reason the Gov. can drum up against you. They can peep into your back-40 and mail you a ticket for EPA violations or that non-permitted structure. Let alone see your rifle and pistol range set up, making them think you are a terrorist camp and making a raid to check up on your "illegal weapons and explosives" to see if they can find a reason to confiscate them.
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    I just typed something, then erased it without posting it. Do you think they still have it on file? Lol. The air across the US is becoming like a hot southern night. So stifling you can hardly breath. Freedom has a sweet, soothing smell and it's becoming more heavy and bitter by the day. Once the cage is in place, how do the mice get out?
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    Read "1984" by George Orwell--then ask if "big brother" is forth coming--or already here. Punched up our home recently and could see the raised beds/ little fence around them. The vehicles were clearly visible and easily distinguishable. Putting in any "project" will have to be "camo'ed". Fences and post holes may need to be put under trees.
  13. VisuTrac

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    Sorry BTPost.

    The best is to limit access to the webcam to specific MAC addresses and to enable user credentials (Uname/Pword). Doubles their fun. MAC addresses are considered globally unique (in theory) so first they'd have to play in your AO, sniff your MAC address from the wireless, then spoof the address on their machine and then still need Uname/Pword.

    And I'm thinking that you'd notice an interloper in your AO pretty easily. Ok maybe not as easy during fishing season. But, the more layers in between, the better.
  14. VisuTrac

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    Or have access to the databases where the pictures are stored and run a blur algorithm over your AO.

    BTW, your camo needs to go to the ground as the typical flight pattern is 5 cameras one at each compass heading and one straight down, continously capturing images. flights are done at 5000 feet and if the community can afford it another flight at 2000 feet. each pass is 1/4 mile from the previous.

    So if you see a plane going back and forth every 15 - 20 minutes (depends on how long it takes to fly from county line N to S and back.) .. yep they might be taking pictures.
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