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  1. melbo

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    We spoke of Skype before.
    Here's the thing.

    I pay around $63 a month for a landline and $mucho for 5 cell lines. THe cell service at my house is spotty so I can't ditch the landline.

    Skype currently has this.
    $14.95 a YEAR for unlimited outgoing calls to any phone in the US and CA.
    $38 for unlimited incoming. You get a local phone # in this package.
    Voicemail, call waiting, etc all included in this.

    Of course, PC to PC skype calls are free to set up and free to use anytime.

    So for around $52 a year, I can ditch my $720 a year landline....
    Not bad.

    I'm looking at a few skype phones right now too. Look like regular cordless phones and yet use Skype for out and in calls.
  2. CRC

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    I used Skype when I was back on the island and had great service..!

    Right now, I am using the phone my new ISP has....and unlike Comcast and some is not run thru my modem , so if the power goes out, and there is no generator...I have a phone....

    It's not cheap, but not that expensive either...and unlimited long distance to any of the 50 States, Canada, and Mexico....(which comes in handy.........not!) (Around $30 a month)

    I was going to get Skype again...I have a friend in the UK, and we could talk all the time...It was great...

    and inexpensive...
  3. monkeyman

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    Wish there was better service available around here for wireless internet or cable available so could have that for internet. Where we are at the only options are satalite internet or dialup and the satalite service sucks from those I have talked to that have had it. So regardless we pretty much have to have a phoneline from Sprint since they have an absolute monopoly on landlines here and the phone bills reflect it. We pay about $60 a month or a little more for our land line.
  4. sniper-66

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    If you have sattelite internet, don't waste your time. sattelite systems send data in bursts, your call will sound like a radio on freq hop. I had it here and had to get rid of it for that reason. Same thing with Yahoo phone as well.
    At least try it before paying for it. I have $23 left on my Yahoo system that i can't use now.
  5. melbo

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    I am on Satellite internet here. THe network 'latency' is the main problem.
    However, maybe I'm in a better location than some as the test calls I made from here had about the same lag or delay as a Cell phone to Cell phone call.

    You know that point where you both try to speak and then both say "go Ahead"? I'm going to buy a phone and try it for awhile. It's just my teenage daughters line anyway ;)
  6. sniper-66

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    It's not a lag, it's a discernable chop to the message. The wife says she gets about every fourth or fifth word. Not sure why either Skype or Yahoo do it. I can get her fine, but my messages are chopped. I'm thinking it has somethng to do with the slower upload speed versus the faster download speed.
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