Slavery in ISrael?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by MicroBalrog, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. MicroBalrog

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    The Engineering Corps will perform a project for Israel Railway whereby four bridges will be built to create level separations in places of road/railway crossings. This will cost ten million shekels.

    This appeared in ‘Israeli’ newspaper from 7.9.2006. In the same article, the following was to be found:

    Israel Railway is now examining the meaning of the one-billion budget cuts under the Five Year Development Plan.

    I would like to ask the following questions:

    1. How does the utilization of the labor of unwilling persons (draftees) for such purposes differ from slavery?
    2. What is Israel doing having Five Year Plans?
  2. sniper-66

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    All governments run on five year planning, that is how they budget things. We have our flight ramp on a five year plan to get repaired. The problem is that it has been on the five year plan for over 12 years. By doing a five year plan, it allows a budget to change when a new president comes along as we are on a four plan for them!
  3. MicroBalrog

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    All Five-Year Planning by the government is like that.
  4. Quigley_Sharps

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    Hey MicroBalrog
    How goes it buddy, still got rockets flying your way?
  5. MicroBalrog

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    Oh by no means, no rockets, no.

    I will say it cautiously, I think it's over for now.
  6. ricdoug

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    Somebody's got to do that work, Micro...

    Our Country's getting closer to another Draft. Ric
  7. ghrit

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    As is should be. One of the worst things that happened to us is the end of the draft.
  8. MicroBalrog

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    Please explain.
  9. BigO01

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    These people are in the Engineering Corp as in the Israeli army and you don't understand the difference between that and slavery ?

    I guess the reality of slavery has never been something you have been given much education on huh ?

    Slaves are property for life , a draftee is not , his obligation is one to the state not an individual and it is for a set duration usually only a few years . A draftee is given wages not just housing , food , and clothing as most slaves were . Under certain conditions people can avoid being drafted , slaves are slaves period .

    I suppose if a slave owner were particularly sadistic he could beat and even kill his slaves at his whim , I have never heard of this happening with draftee's , if it has I imagine someone found themselves charged with a crime .

    As a part of the armed forces of the country they can be called upon to defend their country with arms and trained in doing so , I can't think that many slaves were allowed to posses weapons and training LOL yea right .

    Even those that have been drafted receive Leave or Holidays from their duties , I don't think slaves were given "Vacation time" .

    Pretty much a slave was a POS and could have done with him anything at any time at the owners whim from birth to death .

    If you think this is what the Armed Sevices is all about I have to ask .

    What kind of left wing fruitcake are you ?

  10. ricdoug

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    Micro, The Draft put more young Men into the Armed Forces...

    and taught them great life lessons they did not learn in their home. I think a Mandatory 2 years in the Armed Forces would eliminate a lot of the Social problems we deal with in the United States. Ric
  11. ghrit

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    MB, it's like Ric says. Loss of the draft deprived many, and I do mean many, young men of the opportunity to learn some lessons on the subjects of duty, honor, and self sufficiency. Not to mention growing up with a sense of responsibility and discipline that (these days) is sorely lacking. With the draft, we had a pool of trained people that could step into harness, not only in the military, but in industry with the training that they received in service. Not all got advanced skills, but even those that simply grunted learned some sticktoitivness that carried over into civilian life. Among those skills is knowing how to take orders, whether from a forman or project manager without questioning every little nuance, and learn from doing what they are told. Rebelliousness is the bane of discipline, self or otherwise.

    I do NOT advocate swallowing whole the dictates of idiots as we have in government service. I do ask that self discipline be exercised at all times. That does not come from a laissez faire approach by parents or teachers, which seems to me to be the norm these days. PCness, fear of (for examples of many) disciplining a child because of some wrong headed defininition of abuse has hauled us down the path toward (internal political) anarchy.

    Discipline, specifically self discipline is badly lacking in the US today, and is fading fast as the baby boomers fall off the maps. Bring back the draft, and maybe, just maybe, society may develop some common sense.

    Tried to condense my rant, so some of the points may not be clear. Do ask, I can blither on this for hours.
  12. Ardent Listener

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    IMO, a federal military draft is not what is needed. Rather, a mandatory state militia for the purpose of the direct protection of the homeland is what the founding fathers had in mind.
  13. monkeyman

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    The draft might also backfire in some ways now too. I know a lot of the gangs have taken to sending some of their members through the military to be trained so they come back and pass along the training for use in the streets. So basicly there could be the problem ofgiving tools with the potential for grave misuse to people who would maintain the same screwed up mentality.

    Personaly my bigest problem with a draft though would be basicly the same reason why I chose not to ever go into the military, the military is under the controle of the government and I just have to much of a problem with a lot of our governments policies. I do like Ardents idea better though since I know that while I dont really suport the government I would not hesitate to stand and fight for my country, just not for the governments politics and policies.
  14. ricdoug

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    The Military's also taken some of those wayward Gangsters off the streets, also. The core values and discipline would be great for all youth. Ric
  15. monkeyman

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    Oh dont get me wrong, Im not saying that the military is a bad thing or a gang banger training ground in general, just that some have figured out how to use it as such and that I know I personaly chose not to go in due to my own beliefs that would not qualify as 'conciencious objector' since I dont have the problem with use of force if needed, just with being able to be ordered to use it if I feel its not and would not care to see the freedom to make that choice taken from others.

    I also do agree that the disipline aspect of it would be extreemely benificial to many/most of the folks of my generation and younger. A bit of a wake up call to all those from the 'every one gets a trophy' times.
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