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  1. robfindlay

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    Okay, you gotta bug out alone, you have the means to build a solid shelter and or have a solid tent with a mat to keep you off the ground.

    You have the basic thermals for winter + sweaters parka's etc, and you understand and know how to thermoregulate yourself.

    Imagine you have to bug out for a year, what is the ONE sleeping bag you would take.

    Mainly looking for temperature ratings but feel free to throw in brand names if anyone wishs.

    Slàinte mhor a h-uile là a chi 's nach fhaic
  2. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    What lat and long do you expect to be centered on?
  3. vegasrandall

    vegasrandall Monkey+++

    wiggy's are the best.seals, special forces swear by them
  4. robfindlay

    robfindlay Monkey++

    Skull Valley Utah: latitude. 40. longitude 112 And the mountain ranges west google maps gives you a good idea of the terrain. More then likely Deseret peak which is about 6920 ft


    If no other option exists the Wasatch (bleach) 40.6N 111.64W (Elev. 9797 ft)
  5. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    Get one for 10-15 degrees further north than you, if you dont know your comfort level. Other than that Stick with wiggys if you wanna spend the dough.
  6. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    OK, in that area, better plan on a bag good for -20 in winter and a good mosquito net for summer. I can't give you a recommendation on brand, so go with what the more experienced guys tell you.
  7. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Gota shovel and some time pretty much need heated shelter in deep winter up here, this guy dug a room
    building a heated structure ahead of time may be a good idea...
    Merely a line of thought.
  8. RouteClearance

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    The military Modular Sleep System. I have slept in one from the negative 20's to the sandbox of the middle east. The most important part is the Goretex bivy cover. You can sleep in a downpour in this and not get wet at all. My tent is just a plain ol GI pouncho
  9. robfindlay

    robfindlay Monkey++

    Ultimatly I'd be building a wikiup of some type insulated with pine needles, dirt and leaf litter, plus a tarp. Fire outside as wikiups become tinderboxes as they dry out, so I'd spot for heated up rocks from the fire, solar blankets placed strategically to reflect ambient heat, plus my one man tent inside, with the bag in that.

    I know it's HARD to thermo regulate when you sleep, you wake up in a drenched sweat in sub-zero temperatures you better hope you have a nice dry towel and a dry set of clothes you can get into FAST!

    I guess I was thinking of say ONE bag that you could use say a zero degree bag, an then add to it with more shelter, more or less clothing in the bag or on yourself etc.
  10. SuperTico

    SuperTico Yawn !

    I have a Wiggy nautilus bag... it's the bomb , for here, and unless you're " camping" in a campground or on a glacier, skip the tent and get a Clarks hammock. www jungle hammock dot com.
    Tents are useless.
  11. robfindlay

    robfindlay Monkey++

  12. SuperTico

    SuperTico Yawn !

    I think if you are looking to commit suicide near Yellowstone that piece of crap would be your personal Dr. Kavorkian.
    Buy a Wiggy or a Marmot.
    Buffalo gear has some good ones too.

    Military EVERYTHING is garbage.
    Congressional mis-leaders buy stock in a company and then award a contract ( for the most part). Wiggy got contracts due to pressure from soldiers much in the same way that Arc'terex got a pack contract since the soldiers complained about that piece of CHIT they were issued.

    I need to check my blood pressure. [cow]
  13. toemag

    toemag Monkey++

    My worst experience ever was being on a training exercise in Germany as a young soldier.

    It was winter and the temp went down to minus 15°C and further at nights without the wind chill factor. This was in the early 80's we were okay in the GS sleeping bags that we'd been issued, until they either got wet, or the zip broke, guess what, my zip broke... In the whole of BFG there were no replacement GS sleeping bags to be had for love nor money. So I spent the nights in my busted sleeping bag wrapped up in every bit of clothing that I had in my ruck, one night I forgot to put my boots in the bottom of my bag, as the leather was wet they froze and the next morning while fastening them the leather just broke it bent and broke as if someone had cut lines down them. During the forced marches the freezing sweat would form icicles on your eyebrows and mustashe.

    I was having a wonderful exercise, got some new boot, and the blisters that seemed compulsory with new army boots, during the day doing tasks, at nights doing radio and roving guards and patrols, then I fell and broke three ribs, the middle one was broken in two places and I could move the bone with my fingers, so I went to the Aid post and got examined and the medic said, "war is hell", soldier on, three days later the exercise ended. I went to the Doc and showed him my ribcage and he dressed me down for not reporting sick when it happened, the medic SGT POS was stood there grinning and I told the Doc what had happened, at which he went mad at the smarmy POS SGT. I was sent to the Mil. hospital for X-rays and treatment. The POS SGT was re-assigned.

    I have taken and passed fitness tests with a broken wrist and ribs, fingers and toe's, not to forget a couple of varukas. I know off topic, just came back to me as I was reminissing about yesteryear.

    BTW I have a snug pack light wieght sleeping bag and a Goretex bivvy bag a tarp and a poncho and a kip mat plus a change of clothes, just in case it gets nippy.

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