Slide cut her thumb

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by oth47, Apr 22, 2012.

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    Took wife shooting Friday and she looped her left thumb over her right hand and the slide of a .32 bit her,brought blood.It never dawned on me that she'd hold it that way,made me feel guilty for not warning her.It's been years since she shot a semi auto.To her credit she said a couple of choice words,licked her thumb and kept shooting.She shot the .32s,9mm,.38 spl and .22s.She likes her Rossi .357 revolver,but I don't want guns in the house that she can't operate so we're working with 3 semi autos as well. She wants to get a carry permit.
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    Same thing happened to my wife this winter shooting a friend's hi-power. She was PEEVED at us for not telling her better. Can't say I blame her.
  3. Tell her she gave blood to her weapon, it is now bound to her and will always be there to protect her, but it demands that she work to master it.

    Get all mystical on her and act like it is a rite of passage, which it probably is or should be since almost everyone has managed to cut themselves with their firearms edges at some point.

    The slide is dangerous, and this should serve as a reminder and a warning when teaching others of an important item.

    A revolver in the gap between the cylinder and barrel will shoot out hot gasses that can cause sever damage if you let your finger get near them when firing also. Just FYI.

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    A number of years ago, my wife grabbed a G-21 off the top of the fridge to scare a pack of wild dogs away. She placed her thumb square on the back end of the slide and pulled the trigger. Wasn't pretty.
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    Glock21 small.
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    There's nothing wrong with his and hers guns. My wife enjoys her revolvers (I do too),but she is not interested in learning about operating different semi-autos. She wants something that she can just pick up, squeeze the trigger, and have it go bang. She does not want to worry about if it needs to be cocked first, if the safety is on or off, or if there is a round in the chamber or not. OTOH, I like Browning Hi-powers, and 1911's, and a host of other semi-autos.
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  7. I always have loved revolvers best, but my self defense weapon is a 1911 in .45 acp.

    my work guns are all revolvers (the handguns, I also have rifles and shotguns of course.)

    I agree that a revolver is a better weapon for someone not as committed to practicing all the time for self defense.

    As part of recovering from my stroke I shoot my 1911 every day. over the last couple years I have retaught myself to shoot it on auto pilot. More point shooting than aimed or so it seems.

    I can hit minute of pie pan at 50 yards every time I draw and fire.

    What scares me is that I can also brain fart and freeze up just forgetting what is happening and completely loose where I am and what I was doing, if that ever happens when things are grubby I guess Ill be meeting Jesus.

    Still I do the best I can with what God gives me. For some reason I'm still here and kicking.

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    My wife only handles revolvers. To her credit she does have a nice little collection of rugers. One security six and two vaqueros. She also has a .22lr Colt revolver. She always loved the look and feel of a six gun. She is darned handy with them too even with the .357mag rounds.
    She has a couple pocket pistols (old west derringer style) she carries with her.
    She knows how to safety and if need be, use a semi auto but she does not like them one bit.
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    How long before she quit cussing you? Cuz being Your Gun, of course it was yer Fault!!!
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    I use semis; she uses a revolver. I can put more holes in paper than she can; but, six real close together are convincing in their own right.

    I know about multiple targets which is why she can run an AR or AK as good as one of the guys. :D
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    My wife has come a long way just to handle a gun,she'd never shot one until she married me.She didn't want guns in the house until I could show her that they weren't necessarily the horrible destructive devices that she imagined them.Her experience was colored by the damage she'd seen come through the ER where she worked as a nurse.One incident really shook her up,she helped get an 8 yr old boy,obviously dead,out of a family vehicle while the other 8yr old who had accidentally shot him was begging her to "please save my friend" for her to load and fire a gun of any kind is remarkable.She's enjoying punching holes in paper.And I would never push her into shooting nor would I pick her gun.
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    we had a friend living with us for a short time while he was getting back on his feet. I used to take him to the range every week. One time my wife went with us. Shooting +P 38 in her .357 revolver she put 6 rounds into the head of a silhouette target that you could cover with a silver dollar. About a week later, he and I were both going out of town for a week. She came up to us and said "You two are leaving a poor defenseless woman all alone." My friend Malachi told her "Poor is open to debate, but I'm not buying the defenseless part!"
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