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    I know I fish for reviews on here more often than I actually review but....

    I have a sling pack from Nexpak that I bought at a deer and turkey expo. It is fairly well built and sturdy. I did reinforce the shoulder strap where it attaches to prevent a failure. Also one of the zippers has a little bit of a sticky spot, but it still works. Just need to jiggle it a bit to get past the rough spot. well laid out and designed. I am happy with the $15 outlay for a new daypack.

    I have been trying to find another, either the same size or slightly larger. does not have to be made by Nexpak, just a well built sturdy sling pack. Anyone have one they recommend? My budget being what it is I cannot afford top of the line name brand, but through research I generally come up with a cheaper yet durable alternative. A friend has one from the national guard that seems to be built tough enough, but getting another may be problematic.

    Thanks for any input.
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    My buddy got a Fox Slingpack off of ebay the other day. It was inexpensive and he seems to like it. I don't care for slingpacks and this one was no exception but he thinks it suits him fine. From my standpoint appeared to be of adequate quality.
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    Check out.
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