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    Asisa-off-grid has posted a series of excellent how to do's on cheese making, please read them, and in the most detailed one they use a small press to remove the whey from the curd to give you the compact cheese. Handy tool, but what else can that press do? With grapes you can get the juice to make wine or jellies, with apples, you can get the juice to make cider, hard cider, or vinegar, with elder berries and other such you might make medical tinctures, etc.
    What other uses have people used a small fruit press for? Will it remove the juice from sugar beets to make sugar? I don't know, has anyone tried to? What has been the experience with those that own a press like the one they used to make in Jaffrey NH., the Jaffrey fruit press and grinder. Not cheap, but I have used apple cider presses made before 1900 and press cloth inserts that were 50 years old. Clean and store correctly and they will last nearly forever.
    In the spirit of a couple of Jerry Young's stories, it would seem to be a good barter resource as well if you could convert you neighbor's apples, grapes, etc, into something that will store, get something for doing so, and have free residue that you could feed to your animals.

    It would seem that there were a whole series of old tools, cider press, cabbage cutters, fermenting jars, cane and sorghum presses, butchering tools, hand logging tools, horse equipment and harness, that are at least well worth thinking about.
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    I added appropriate keywords (tags), so the results below will show the cheese making resources I listed.
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    Possibly usable as a sausage press too.
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