Small hand gun suggestions to kill chickens and rabbits

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Equilibrium, Jan 24, 2011.

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    I don't want to get into a lengthy discussion but.... is there any little handgun out there that would kill a chickens and rabbits that somebody could suggest for me? I tried killing a Muscovy duck for food yesterday that I put upside down in a cone with a knife and couldn't do it. I tried. I was ok watching them kill it but.... I couldn't. I know if it was already dead I'd be able to cut its throat to bleed it out because I've done that to a Mute Swan before and had no problems. For what it's worth... I've been trained on ringing the necks of starlings and sparrows and Mute swans and I know how and still can't bring myself to do it so I need a way to kill chickens really bad that I can live with and drowning them in a trash can of water is out. Looks like it's going to be a small hand gun for me. Really sorry to disappoint anyone.... slicing throats just isn't in me.

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    first you want a chicken to bleed out.
    look at the phonenix hp22a cheep little pistol that will do the job.
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    Not any easier to shoot them.

    I have a hard time raising a pig or cow, feeding them everyday and then pulling the trigger.

    My only comfort is in knowing they have been raised the best I possibly can, treated the best I can, and their mission is now to provide food for my table.

    For the life of me, I can't see what "sport" there is in killing wild critters for a I get, but a head on your wall, nope....don't get it.
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    On this forum? Good luck[dunno]
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    Get a piece of 6" pvc about four feet long. Put a cap on one end and drill a 1/8" hole through it. Spray hair-spray into hole then insert duck, chicken, whatever and point towards solid wall. Ignite hairspray through touch-hole. Pick up meaty parts of dead duck and cook.
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    Well I will apologize in advance. Killing is killing. Gun, knife, axe or machette. Either learn to get it done and move on, or raise pets and eat veggies.[beat] Sorry to be so blunt. I had a neighbor who felt the same way. I told him, I will show you how by example for half of what I slaughter and clean and butcher. It put quite a bit of meat and poultry in my pantry and freezer until he decided it wasn't fair. I told him to do it himself, it was no big deal, and it wasn't rocket science. Guess what? He does it himself now. Go figure.
    How do you feel about firearms and protecting yourself and or your friends and family? Are you sure you can do that? I am not trying to be cruel. Survival requires we be able to do certain things. Life is not easy for the faint of heart. Thus ends the sermon.
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    I watched an Iraqi kill a chicken. That's all I needed to see to know how simple it is. Those people have knowledge from thousands of years passed down to them...whereas Americans really don't have so much of that, but it's a give and take. We obviously have a lot more common sense when it comes to treating women, for example, but that's trailing off onto another subject.


    The Iraqi caught the chicken, grabbed it by its head and held it low to the ground, twirling the chicken (took 3 seconds) until the head popped off, then quickly grabbing it by the wings and pinning them back, holding the chicken by the wings until it bled out and carried it to be readied for dinner. The wings pinned back together, both in one hand offers a very stable way to hold the chicken.
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    No way I'd waste ammo on small things. G-ma killed chickens the old fashioned way with a hatchet on a wood stump, or wrung their necks, then cut off the heads to bleed them out. (Chopping heads is time honored in Penn's Woods. Usually G-ma held the head in one hand, the axe in the other, and one of the kids held the wings.) You can do the same with rabbits, but watch for flailing feet with nails, they WILL scratch. Geese and turkey can be done the same way, but you have to be a bit stronger.

    (Chiggins midoudt dey heds iz funny. Flopalodt.)
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    I still like the potatoe gun and brick wall solution.
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    dey do flopdalot, ghrit.
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    What I have always done is just grab the chicken by the head real tight and then pick it up and swing its body around, Breaking the chickens neck. I do my best not to get attached to something thats going to end up in my deep fryer or my freezer after its older. For me chickens or even a pig or a cow isnt a problem for me to kill as i have worked in food processing plants on the kill floor. Heck when I worked for Seaboard Farms in Kentucky, I could kill chickens all morning and go to KFC for lunch.
    It just don't bother me all that much. The thing you have to over is the attachment
    to the animals your raising for food be it a chicken, cow, pig, or whatever. I know sometimes that can be hard to do, i understand....
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    we were taught to wring the necks when we culled in our chicken houses and taught to club a rabbit... no bullets... turkeys, geese and bigger fowl we held by the feet close to the fround, placed a stout stick acros their neck place a foot on each end of the stick and yank on the feet.... that breaks their neck easily... but in any case you will need to bleed the rabbit/chicken/turkey/pig/deer...etc so keep a sharp knife handy...
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    It's a chicken, for Christ's sake, not a puppy. If someone is too wuss to kill their livestock, let them starve.
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    Break neck, save the bullets, use knife to let them bleed out. Done
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    Even though I like Sea's idea the best, I would go with a BB or pellet pistol. Lower cost, less noise and safer to use.
  17. Clyde

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    Bb pellet and ,22 are unnecessary. See previous note
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    When you start to get hungry, you'll find out that you are much less concerned about the chicken's feelings, and also somehow much less squeamish.
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    Me too!

    That post was good for a nice belly laugh, and I thank you!
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