Small hand gun suggestions to kill chickens and rabbits

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Equilibrium, Jan 24, 2011.

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    This thread made me laugh Seacowboy is that how you get ground up chicken... lol... I would say the biggest issue is people perception of how its going to be... do it once or twice you'll be ook.... as the Nike Ad says.... JUST DO IT...
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    I got a Buckmark Micro for that, to be used when a trap isn't quick enough.
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    I was duck hunting and didn't quite kill the duck. So I gave it a quick snap and the body and head came apart without any knife. After that one, the neck wringing didn't seem so bad!
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    INRICK> “phonenix hp22a” Thank you…. rabbits for sure I’d need to shoot. They can be spastic little animals capable of growing an extra 4 legs with razors for toes….
    TnAndy> I don’t understand the “crotch grabbing” “testosterone flowing” head on the wall deal either…. I have a girlfriend who paid big time dollars to a taxidermist to stuff her 1<sup>st</sup> 300lb black bear. Whenever I sit in her family room.... the bear stares at me… it's right under her gazillion point buck.
    Falcon> Thank you…. I’m a visual person. Videos and photos help me out a lot.
    Seacowboys> Now that’s thinking outside the box. I don’t think your technique will work for me…. I could be wrong but gut tells me it’s a no go.;)
    Tacmotusn> “Killing is killing. Gun, knife, axe or machette. Either learn to get it done and move on, or raise pets and eat veggies.” Last week I learned I could put an English House Sparrow in a pillow case and get it swinging good before whacking it into the brick on my house. It was a work around a friend had suggested I consider. Who woulda thunk I’d be able to do that when I can’t ring its neck? It didn’t feel good but…. I did it because they kill our native cavity nesters… and well…. one of my husband’s true pleasures in life is watching native birds at our bird feeder. I pulled them out of the repeating trap one by one and dispatched each one the "pillowcase" way. I then placed them in individual zip locks and tossed them in our freezer. My little frozen sparrows are going to the raptor rehab center next time I’m out that way. I do the best I can my friend. I’m trying.
    How do you feel about firearms and protecting yourself and or your friends and family?” Horrible that our society has placed me…. a soccer mom…. in the position of having to register to buy a hand gun when none of the bad guys bother. I’m afraid I realize our society isn’t quite as civilized as it used to be just 150 years ago when everyone was armed. To this I would add that we no longer have appropriate consequences in place for criminals…. “cultural” deterrents are long gone.
    Are you sure you can do that? I am not trying to be cruel.” I don’t believe you’re trying to be cruel or I would have ignored you. I believe you’re good people…. I feel it in my bones. In answer to your question…. yes.
    Brokor> The Chinese kill a chicken about the same way the Iraqis do.
    ghrit> “No way I'd waste ammo on small things.” You’re right of course.
    Chiggins midoudt dey heds iz funny. Flopalodt.” Why ghrit…. you made a funny.;)
    Disciple> “I do my best not to get attached to something thats going to end up in my deep fryer or my freezer” We named all dairy cows. Daisy is one I still remember and it’s at least 40 years since she died. We named male calves too. VealI, VealII, VealIII, VealIV, etc. I have one chicken that has a name. I intend to keep a few more egg layers and I will name those. The rest will be named ChickenI, ChickenII, ChickenIII….. it’s really not in my best interests for me to be naming anything that’s going to end up in our bellies.
    Witch Doctor> “but in any case you will need to bleed the rabbit/chicken/turkey/pig/deer...etc so keep a sharp knife handy...” I’m working my way toward one of those. I’m hoping for one for Mother’s Day. God knows I’ve been leaving enough hints everywhere that that’s what I want.
    Clyde> “Break neck, save the bullets, use knife to let them bleed out. Done” Of course you’re right. Thank you for your videos too.
    Mountainman> No shortage of BBs here.
    1gewehr> It's more my feelings if that makes any sense. I'm afraid of not doing it right the 1st time then the animal suffers.
    fireplaceguy> “I would go with a BB or pellet pistol. Lower cost, less noise and safer to use.” Thank you.
    franks71vw> You're right of course too but I still feel the need to at least try this my way.
    BAT1> Thank you for your suggestion.
    Have I missed anyone?
    [FONT=&quot]Gentlemen> Spring is around the corner when I’ve got a straight run of 50 chicks being delivered. Thank you… each and every one of you. I’ll pick up a phonenix hp22a or the pellet pistol or the Buckmark Micro…. which ever is cheapest….[/FONT]
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    When Dad raised chickens during my childhood, he used the 'wring the neck' technique. We had a mean old rooster that would spur at me each time I went into the pen to feed them. Had maybe a dozen hens left by that time.
    I kept telling that rooster "One day, you'll flavor a pot of dumplings!"

    One fine day, he DID! [stirpot]

    I caught the bugger and wrung his scrawny neck myself, at about twelve years old. Had some "Chicken and Dumplings" that very night! Dad had decided to get out of raising chickens, so the hens became fryers.
  6. Equilibrium

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    I went into a hen house to see how friends we're setting up their nesting boxes and waterers etc. A chicken attacked me. I'm not kidding.... it was as if it was waiting for the next poor unsuspecting fool. The bird ended up on the other side of the coop with me apologizing to the owner. She said that one was next in the pot. She told me that "personalities" will emerge from our 50 chicks that will clearly identify which one would be my "practice" chicken. I guess having a few hens is a lot different than having 50 all at once. They establish a "pecking" order. I haven't experienced this yet.
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    I had a huge black rooster that jumped me every time I went to feed.Caught me in the wrong mood one day,I beat him to death with a wooden spoon,carried him outside and chopped off his son said he was tasty.I don't tolerate any attack animal very long.
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    Just remember EQ, You will be the BIGGEST Bird in the coop, and you need to exude that so they know it as well....
  9. Clyde

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    Please video tape your strutting and "coq talk & strut" techniques so we all can learn how to be the head rooster.
  10. Equilibrium

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    BTPost sent me the video of how to show them whose boss.
    I wasn't going to share it but.... well.... you know.... it was too good not to share.
    YouTube - The Techno Chicken Dance
  11. BTPost

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    There you go... That is the way to be "Top Chicken in the Coop".... Great Vid EQ...
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    Equilibrium post

    Hi and yes I know how you feel. So I feed chosen chicken on the ground. One swift swing with the axe, head off completely.Put foot on body until flapping stops.Simple,instant - - [stirpot]
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    I see future potential in the "Jayway" way. ;)
  14. Clyde

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    It sounds more fun with a Japanese sword!
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    Rabbits are easy - You just need a stick. A swift blow to the base of the skull and then hang and process. Rabbits are an AWESOME suburbanite Prepper livestock. They are pets, and most HOA's don't discriminate against keeping multiples. They take up very little room, the are almost completely silent and they are TASTY when cooked.
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    Hard fact of life, get hungry enough and ya will rip the little chickie's head clean off and fix dinner. To survive you will kill to eat or go real hungry in the future.
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    Similar to Jayway... A friend's uncle (named Guido, btw) used to take bread with him to the golf course. On the 18th hole he would make sure no one was watching, feed the ducks, then whack one's head off with the golf club. Then he would discreetly put it into his golf bag.

    Sounds a little messy, but it if works with ducks it should work with chickens.

    Personally, I hung my chicken by the feet from the clothes line and slice with a sharp knife. He was exsanguinated within 5 or so minutes.
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    Anybody who raises chickens soon learns they are ruthless buggers, who can be likened tot he worst of human gangs Just before Dad got totally quit of the chickens, I was in early high school. He had a bunch of Barred Rock hens. No roosters.
    I bought six White Leghorns for a bilogy class project - don't recall just what I was doing. I took the birds home afterwards, and put them into General Population.....
    Next thing I know, those danged Rocks were terrorizing my poor Leghorns! Pulled out their tail feathers, and they had bruises and sores.
    Whodathunkit.....? Racial Discrimination among the Barnyard Fowl......

    This being the early 70's, I shoulda done my project on 'race relations in chicken populations'....... [stirpot]

    BUT.... they all tasted the same in rice without their plummage.......

    I also learned chickens will eat ANYTHING they can catch and wrestle down! Frogs, mice, even a luckless sparrow that landed on the ground and was too slow taking off.....
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    Ahhh.... golf clubs. Finally.... they can be used for something "productive". ;)
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    with tnAndy on this
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