Small hand gun suggestions to kill chickens and rabbits

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Equilibrium, Jan 24, 2011.

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    bola works fine on fowl. you ever try to run down a chicken sometime? :) A curved throwing stick works well, too, but can bruise a lot of meat. Swing your arm horizontally, and throw the stick the same way.
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    410 shell costs way too much for such use, sheesh! Noisy as heck, too.
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    :rolleyes: [banplz] [slow]
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    run down a chicken, what for ever for?
    my chickens follow me around when i'm working. they snap up all the bugs i kick up. Hell the will sit right next to me.

    Obviously, we treat our chickens well and they do not run away from us. No need for a bola, stick or anything like that.

    Pick them up, pet them and put them in the roost, or if culling time, when petting them, a quick stretch and twist of the neck by the base of the skull is all that is needed.

    Not sure about rabbits, we just started raising them. I'll comment later on that.
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    You might want to have your doctor check those meds. I don't think they are working just right. :D [peep]
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    "Don't feed the Trolls!"

    The MO never changes, does it....? :D
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    and you guys STILL can't counter a THING I say with any FACTS, so you stilll can do nothing but your bs about ME, never a word about the issues I bring up. :) Compared to my level of knowledge, what you have is dust in the wind.
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    WOW, just wow. Hubris and expertise all in one...kind of like:
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    Content/Gunkid/Rictus, etc......

    When you have something constructive to add to the knowledge pool, we may take you seriously. Claiming expertise in all things while ridiculing others and their choices and personal experience is a sure guarantee to be banned.......
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    I kinda liked the bola thing; then we could decapitate them with the weedwacker and set them on the couch next to the pumkins.[aiw]
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    Thank you so much GreenTeaBlend!!! I added the 1st one and it worked. I've been trying to find one that was easy for a long time.
    I tried a small target pistol. It works great for rabbits if you distract them then shoot them between the ears while they're busy chewing but.... not too good for chickens that are sorta spastic. I only wanted to use a gun because I believed it would be the fastest and least painful method (for me and the chicken). The gun didn't work too well for chickens. I missed (probably nerves... mine) which is exactly what I didn't want to do.
    The Chinese have a way of holding the chicken then sorta tucking its head under a wing before wringing its neck. Didn't work for me. I was worried about using an ax and ending up chopping my left hand in half holding the chicken down but.... a friend of mine nailed 2 long nails in a stump. That allowed me to stretch its neck out and kept the hand I was using to hold the chicken down out of the way. I did it. It's not pleasant and it seemed like an eternity until the bird stopped jerking and I could lift my left hand off of it but.... it did finally lay motionless.... without its head. I knew it was dead but that jerking is unsettling. I like the 2 nails on the block best because I could hold it in place so there's little risk of me chopping off my left hand and no risk of it running around without its head. I get the feeling killing our food is something one never becomes "comfortable" with no matter how good you get at it.
    One of the rabbits I bought was a California. The woman who sold it to me was Korean. She let me come to her house on slaughter day and showed me this really quick way to kill a rabbit using a piece of bailing twine. It's hard to describe but you basically loop the rope around the rabbit's neck then hold it in just the right spot above its head to position the head at the proper angle then you grab the back legs and quickly jerk them back. This kills the rabbit instantly but you could get scratched up pretty good by the back nails like I did. I wasn't expecting that. I know I don't have the technique down pat since I haven't killed enough so for right now...I'm going to distract them and shoot them between the ears so they can jerk out on the ground so I don't end up looking like I lost a fight with a razor blade. Her twine method works really great for her... not so great for me because I don't have the experience. Maybe I wasn't fast enough letting go of both back legs and getting my arm out of the way.... I dunno. I did get scratched up pretty good from the leg that slipped out of my grip. She said a couple more times and I'd have it down pat.
    VisuTrak> I don't know if this would be of interest to you but it looks like it's designed to do the same thing the Korean woman taught me to do without needing to use one hand to position and hang onto a rope. With the rabbit's neck wedged in the device, we could leave it dangling dead against the wall so the back legs couldn't get us, Rabbit Wringer - Meat Rabbit, How to kill, the best way to kill. It might be worth the $30... I dunno.
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    I thought of using a pellet pistol for the chicken, but then realised how they flop and run around when their necks are wrung..... drives the dogs crazy!

    Now SC has an interesting idea.... chase 'em with a weed-whacker! If nothing else, the neighbors will get a great laugh! [aiw]

    Hmmm.... maybe a castnet? ;)
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    i still reccommend the fishing rod with a fine hook and corn nibblet.... around 15lb line makes for a good fight....;)

    And while i say that with a wink it does work... however we normally use a chicken hook to catch them by the leg in the chicken house... just cut out the lights and they sit right down... and are easy to catch... of course we have catching crews with 60 k chickens in the chhicken houses....
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