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    I been talking to a young lady at work about raised bed gardening along with building small off grid homestead and here is a few ideas we have came up with about diff things that might work for a very small lot in which to grow your own food .I thought i pass them along to the group .

    The idea is to stay inside a 20.ft wide-x-20.ft long strip with 2.ft wide walk ways to hold the small lot food production set up with it raised beds gardens and the diff sized squared foot gardening pots on waist hight stands around the edge of the lot .Then working my way in to the center with the diff raised bed gardens intill i have the area covered in food production

    here is some basic ideas we have had about some of the unit .

    1st up is take a set of diff sized 5.gallon and 10.gallon sized plastic totes and make strawberry and tamato's growing beds around the outer areas of the main growing bed areas with back of the unit having wire mesh on poles to support the vines of the plant's as it needed .

    here is a few ideas of the units
    raised-bed-vegetable-gardens-1. container-tomato. small-potato-planter-01. cleanairgardening_2209_400119440. cleanairgardening_2209_444744821.
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    Hello Hank...Where the Heck u been.???
    Oh...and +1 too you and the young lady...
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    A good plan
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    Container gardening is a good option for small areas

    Container gardening is a good option for small areas.

    Plastic tote containers may be cheap to buy, but unless they are made of UV resistant poly plastic, they may disintigrate after a while if exposed to UV light.

    Self watering troughs and pots may be a bit more expensive, but they take the drudgery of daily watering that conventional plastic might require, particularly during the hotter / drier months. Self watering pots will result in neglected plants not becoming water stressed so soon if you are away from home for any period of time.

    Square Foot Gardening – Containers Edition

    Container, Vertical & Square Foot Gardening

    Don't forget crop rotation...don't keep planting the same vegetable season after season in the same pot as you may get a build up of pests and diseases the same as you might if gardening in garden beds.
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