Fourth Amendment Smart Grid Privacy Worries

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by Yard Dart, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Smart grid powers up privacy worries - David Perera - POLITICO

    Privacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Nothing will be private anymore when our rights at home are vacated by TPTB.... and at that point, the constitution will be completely shredded (are we there yet...if not, dern close). They can monitor our phone calls, internet usage, spy though our cameras on PC's and so on.... watching your every move with power consumption is just the next step.
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    I have heard some talk shows about smart meters and the ill effects they have on people. Allegedly some people get really sick from them.
    So they just aren't invading your privacy, they are also killing you. Note in many places the installation of a smart meter is optional- say no.
    FAQ: Health Issues | Stop Smart Meters!
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  3. stg58

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    Many "grow" house have been busted on increases of electric usage already setting "legal precedent"
    for monitoring.

    Goal one.


    Goal two.
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    hydrocat floating micro generator HD:

    Goal three.
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  5. Harbin

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    We got a letter recently stating "congratulations! You have been selected to receive a free upgraded smart meter!" First thing I did was go online and order an old style spinning needle type meter and filled out the return form stating I am a "refusal". Also ordered a lock for the panel that clamps on, can't be removed without key or destroying it. I also requested an appointment so a meter reader can be here when we swap it- this way they can't say I cheated them.

    I've heard enough about the possibly harm from the meters and watched enough videos online showing people reading the EMF pulses. Not taking chances here and it's only $4 or 5/ month to stick with the standard meters that get read. At the very least, it's my own little way of sticking my finger in their eye and being an irritant.
  6. Cruisin Sloth

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    Four or five a month for a legacy meter? PAY IT , because we are 35.00 and that's more than my use in power charge.

    Read the comments on this site , many are true , plus with this new meter YOU CAN-NOT READ IT , I can see my wheel spin & my 4 meters are read daily ,Grid supply legacy (BC Hydro 1993) is in series with my own legacy after i paid for a proper calibration of all 3 of my own (Made In Canada GE Legacy 1998 meters) The two Grid tie are 100% on to each other for five years now. the ther two are Solar & APU support .

    Petition: BC Hydro Is hurting our people.

    They can make digital adjustments on the fly of the amount calculated to report / bill .. Hence why some folks are questing why have my bills jumped & why after we also heard about this early last year , the power company just sent out bills that said estimated bill , the folks didn't grasp the danger of whats to come . & not just healthwise , who want's to sleep in a microwave .

    You can see up to >1 min away your power usage (i measured 35 seconds @ a buddys joint) Meaning he turned on the shop lights and when he came back to the computer , it had registered , and then 4 mins later off the lights went and the system & internet also showed it as quick. SOOOOOOoooooo It's always using your house as a Antenna firing off wifi between all your neighbours who also use your house . These meters are made in CHINA folks ;) ..

    Just something to chew .
    It's an extortion fee, that's all it is,
    BC Hydro wants $35/month extra from thousands of smart meter holdouts

    Coming to WA & OR next I hear.

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    Thought I would update this: I live on a private road with 2 neighbors, houses are pretty similar in size, multiple kids, etc. Our winter electric bills generally run around $70-$80, his a little higher (more kids). So the other day he came by and asked if my bill had jumped. I honestly didn't know, so I pulled out the PAPER bill I still get (don't get me started on autopay). Mine was pretty consistent, his was $128 with a minimal increase in kw/h. No idea what he could have used during "prime time" like in the summer with AC units, but that jump was a surprise. If that's the wonderful effect of smart meters, then even if the cost increases I'll stick with my spinner.
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