smart people believing stupid things.

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    This seems to be an epidemic in this country, and for the life of me I can't figure it out. This was really driven home this week as my mother in law visited and i took my CHL class. She wondered if any women had taken the class, and if those ladies knew they were putting themselves in even more danger. According to her 80% of women that were shot during the commision of a crime were shot with there own gun that had been taken away by the bad guy. Now, she is not stupid, but she really believed it! I just sat there slack jawed for a moment and started pointing out the logical failings of that After 15 minutes the light slowly went on. But why are there so many of these "facts" that all tend to favor the left are totally believed? I understand they are fed them by the nutty media, but how can any intelligent adult not immediately here something like that and call bs?
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    If you tell a lie loud enough and often enough, if you have mainstream media drinking your koolade, echoing your lie, the truth being stifled and only told by the minority...... the lie will eventually come to be believed by the masses. Ignorant, BS fed sheep...[stirpot]
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    I think the 80% is off base but their is some truth t0 the argument and that is because just carrying a firearms is not enough - you have to be willing and able to use it at any given moment and without hesitation. This is often difficult for some women and that moment of hesitation gets them killed. You wouldn't believe the number of women who think that owning rather than being prepared to use a firearm , will protect them from a sexual assault. I always try to tell people that if you are going to carry, commit to using it if the need arises and it doesn't matter if it is on a wild eyed stranger or your own brother-in-law.
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    Bullcrap statistics and manipulated results also tend to make people believe. They think that "numbers don't lie".. and they get sucked into that; because while numbers don't lie..people do.
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