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    Official Site – XactSystem™ Precision Guided Firearms | TrackingPoint

    What is a PGF?
    The Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) developed by TrackingPoint is the most accurate shooting system in the world. Called the Xact SystemTM, it solves multiple problems that long range shooters face. The Xact System ensures repeatable performance and accuracy even at extended ranges.

    The PGF also offers applications for smart devices. These apps interact with embedded wifi servers to share real-time or recorded images.
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    This was the system that spawned the Remington 2020 system.
    Shoot2020 "smart scope" from Remington | Survival Monkey Forums

    These weapons may be a real game changer as the cost is very high but they would put those who can afford them (like .gov entities) at a big advantage over the little folks who can't. Add in a thermal system and this would be quite a stand off system.
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    Forgot to mention, this might be a good drone (unmanned aerial system as the Army likes to call these) killer. The system has internal inertia sensors that compute the angular velocity of the gun as the shooter follows a moving target. That coupled with the range and the other factors in the ballistic equation, the scope computes the appropriate "lead" to hit the moving target. Provided they did not include a feature to disable the moving target function if the target is moving faster than some limit (say the top speed of a gazelle or cheeta) then it would seem that shooting down a bigger drone at some distance (beyond clay pigeon ranges) might be readily possible (with of course the risk of irresponsible gun usage with a projectile landing who knows where!)

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    Just read through this and that was my first thought as well. Can you say automated turret? I knew you could! An unmanned turret to take care of those pesky unmanned drones! Ain't technology fun!

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