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    for lite discussion from rawles blogsite
    Sat 24th

    "odds and sods"; (scroll down)

    Letter Re: The Gray Man in the Coming Storm

    If the next few years go the way some are expecting, and the country moves in the direction of an authoritarian socialist state, the gray man will do some things his friends may not expect nor initially agree with:

    The gray man will put a pro-government bumper sticker on his vehicle, in contrast with the beliefs in his heart.

    The gray man will smile when the police come to his door to collect his firearms. He’ll happily hand over his registered weapons at the door and thank the officers for their work, while his cache of unregistered weapons is safely hidden away.

    He’ll be first in line to receive his sub-dermal ID chip, and will smile as it is implanted. He’ll then return home and remove it himself, treat and stitch the wound himself, wear long-sleeve shirts until the wound heals, and rub the scar with oil until it disappears. He’ll carry the chip under his sleeve or inside his watch so as to blend in with society, until such time as he wishes not to be seen or tracked.

    He’ll gladly take his government issued credit card, and will use it for regular purchases like groceries and gasoline. However, on the weekends he’ll leave it on his coffee table next to his ID chip, and he’ll take his silver coins and ammunition to the illegal farmer’s market for barter and open discussion.

    He’ll go to the library and check out the books on the government’s suggested reading list and use them as examples to quietly teach his children what not to believe.

    If one day he and his family should disappear, the authorities will check their databases. They’ll see that his car has not passed through any turnpike billing checkpoints. They’ll see that his credit card has not been used anywhere unusual. They’ll see via their satellite RFID map that all members of his family are still located in their home, and they are currently viewing government programs on their internet-television.

    Days will pass, and they’ll go to his home and see that his vehicle is gone. They’ll enter and find a small pile of ID chips sitting next to a government credit card and a RFID turnpike billing pass. Next to this will be a note, thanking the officers for their good work. - E.
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    Heya Tango,
    Now i like that![applaud] Im with the "smiling Grey-man"

    Good find
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    I thought this was going to be about aliens for a second...
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    As soon as he and his family go to ground, aliens is what they will be. Good ideas.
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    the comments on rawles were not quite so measured..the word "coward" was thrown about alot...Though i think you could accomplish more monkeywrenching being a poison pill part of the system

    "aliens" lol...
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    One man will always be able to do more damage from the inside than the outside. [beer]

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    furtheringthe topic one of the responses asked"where is the greyman going to go now that he sat back and let the free society slip through his fingers."

    perhaps a divided country?
    anybody gota source for obama/biden'08 stickers???
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    Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be. Kurt Vonnegut
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