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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by sasquatch91, May 4, 2012.

  1. sasquatch91

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    got me a new gun, ended up getting a smith and wesson sw40 sigma. like the gun so far, heard alot were not happy with the heavy trigger pull but it dont bother me much, anyone else have one?
  2. Mechwolf

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    I have one took it out once ... Mine is pretty sloppy. But like I said I took it out once and was using very cheap tula ammo in it. As far as trigger pull goes it is somewhat of a beast .
  3. oth47

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    I have the Sigma in 9mm,I'm happy with it.
  4. Redneck Rebel

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    No Sigma but I do have an S&W SD40... not my go to gun but I like the trigger pull and find it almost like that of a decent DA revolver trigger. Not a good trigger for range fun really but I think the pull makes it great for its intended purpose of home defense and aids in prevention of stress pulling.
  5. Alpha Dog

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    Im a Glock fan and love them I have owned a couple of the Sigmas after you get use to the trigger pull they are a good gun and you will enjoy it. It's all in what you like to shoot thats the only reason I traded them I have carried Glock for years on duty and thats what I learned to love. Same with the old S&W 686 my first duty weapon in my mind no other compares. After a 100 rounds I got use to the trigger pull on the sigma and held a good group just practice with it because if you have been carrying something else it could catch you by surprise the defference. I was told but don't hold me to it you know how the B/S is around the local shops are. That Glock filed a suit against S&W over the Sigma for copy rights and they had to change the trigger system and that why they are a little long. In my opion good gun and if you like it good choice be safe and have fun.
  6. RouteClearance

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    Don't have a Glock or Sigma in a .40, but i have a Sig P226 in both a .40 and .357Sig. A mean little power house in both cartridges. Factory trigger is one of the best in any factory semi auto.

    The only down side is the cost.
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  7. Sapper John

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    Same-same for me RouteClearence...My everyday carry.I love the idea of having a .40 and .357 sig in one pistol just by switching my barrels,much more versatile IMHO!
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