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    third day in a row alex jones is reporting more and more emergency people coming forward about explosives in bldg#7:

    NYPD Officer Heard Building 7 Bombs
    "The whole time you're hearing boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I think I know an explosion when I hear it" ​
    Prison Planet | February 10, 2007
    Paul Joseph Watson
    [​IMG]Following our reports this week about three different ground zero rescue workers who all testified that they were told Building 7 was to be brought down, yet more revealing testimony has come to light - this time from a former NYPD officer and first responder, who states that he clearly heard bombs tear down Building 7 as he ran away from its collapse.
    NYPD officer Craig Bartmer awoke on 9/11 to images of the World Trade Center burning. Knowing colleagues who worked inside the towers, he immediately headed for ground zero to help with the rescue efforts. He is now suffering from respiratory illnesses as a result of the toxic dust inhaled at the site. Bartmer was in the immediate vicinity of Building 7 before its collapse at approximately 5:20pm.
    It is worthwhile to watch the entire 27 minute video interview below (conducted by Dylan Avery of Loose Change ) but in the context of this article, Bartmer's comments on the subject of Building 7 alone are transcribed after the jump.
    <table align="right" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td bgcolor="#ffffff" height="2">
    </td><td rowspan="3" bordercolor="#FFFFFF" class="subheadline_body" bgcolor="#ffffff" valign="top"><embed style="width: 400px; height: 326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" flashvars=""> BARTMER: "I was real close to Building 7 when it fell down... That didn't sound like just a building falling down to me while I was running away from it. There's a lot of eyewitness testimony down there of hearing explosions. I didn't see any reason for that building to fall down the way it did -- and a lot of guys should be saying the same thing. I don't know what the fear is coming out and talking about it? I don't know -- but it's the truth."
    <table align="right" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" width="260"> <tbody><tr> <td><table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td bgcolor="#999999" height="15"><table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td class="subheadline_body" align="center" valign="top">RESOURCES:</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="subheadline_body" bgcolor="#cccccc"> </td> </tr> </tbody></table></td> </tr> </tbody></table></td> </tr> </tbody></table> BARTMER: "I walked around it (Building 7). I saw a hole. I didn't see a hole bad enough to knock a building down, though. Yeah there was definitely fire in the building, but I didn't hear any... I didn't hear any creaking, or... I didn't hear any indication that it was going to come down. And all of a sudden the radios exploded and everyone started screaming 'get away, get away, get away from it!'... It was at that moment... I looked up, and it was nothing I would ever imagine seeing in my life. The thing started pealing in on itself... Somebody grabbed my shoulder and I started running, and the shit's hitting the ground behind me, and the whole time you're hearing "boom, boom, boom, boom, boom." I think I know an explosion when I hear it... Yeah it had some damage to it, but nothing like what they're saying... Nothing to account for what we saw... I am shocked at the story we've heard about it to be quite honest."
    Later in the film, Bartmer highlights the possibility that the attack was run from Building 7, as former German technology minister Andreas von Buelow has also postulated , and that it was then demolished to destroy the evidence.
    BARTMER: "If the means and the motive are they where would they pull it off from? The Office of Emergency Management was in Building 7. That was a hardened bunker built to withstand just about anything that New York would face. That building had a lot of important shit in it and there was enough stuff in that building to bury evidence on other fronts - financial records, government records. There's no way that that just fell down on its own, I don't believe it."
    <table align="right" border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" width="260"> <tbody><tr> <td><table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td bgcolor="#999999" height="15"><table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" width="100%"> <tbody><tr> <td class="subheadline_body" align="center" valign="top">TOOLS:</td> </tr> <tr> <td class="subheadline_body" bgcolor="#cccccc"></td> </tr> </tbody></table></td> </tr> </tbody></table></td> </tr> </tbody></table> Click here for an MP3 audio clip of Bartmer's statements.
    Elsewhere in the interview Bartmer states his incredulity at how fast the Building 7 site was cleaned up compared to the rest of ground zero. He dismisses the 9/11 commission report as a farce and demands a new real investigation.
    <embed style="width: 400px; height: 326px;" id="VideoPlayback" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" flashvars=""> The criminals who perpetrated and covered up 9/11 have a growing problem on their hands in that the very heroes who led the rescue efforts are now dying as a result of the government's lie in telling them ground zero air was safe to breath e in the days after the attack.
    The fact that the authorities were deceptive in the very hours and days after the event itself has led many who were there to question every other facet of the official story.
    It is important to stress that everywhere we turn there are statements from firemen, NYPD officials, EMT's and others who were involved in the rescue efforts attesting to the fact that Building 7 was brought down deliberately and that bombs were heard in all three buildings. During the five year anniversary protests at ground zero, a plethora of firemen and police echoed similar sentiments but few are prepared to go on the record. However, the fact that they and many of their friends are now dying in large numbers as a result of government deception is encouraging more to come forward.
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    The Internet leader in activist media - Prison . Thousa​
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    It just keeps gettin more interesting all the time, don't it. :)
  3. Tango3

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    Anybody want to take a shot at writing the inevitable speech apologizing to the nation and thenationand the Islamic world???...
    Following some of the links there are photographs emerging showing bldg 6 almost completely engulfed in
    flames and suffering damage from
    the falling towers yet it remained standing to be brought down by explosives days later, bldg 7 only had relatively minor fires..​
    Silversein properties is twisting his(silversteins') comments from that day to cover up his
    slip of "we decided to "pull it". It sounds positively
    "clintonesque" the way
    they are responding to questions by taking his comment out of contexts and twisting the grammar to be clearly not in any way what he meant,( watching the

    interview)...I am begining to think it s only a matter of time until, somebody says ok wegot what we wanted, its gone on long enough...the passengers were gassed with a fast acting sleep inducing gas before impact and the planes were guided in to the buildings by remote control...

  4. Blackjack

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    I think that honor should go to........ "The Decider"
  5. Tango3

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    " I uh,uh, hAD BAD intelligence"...

    welll uh, CHENEY made me do it!!".
    "he said we wouldn't get introuble..."
  6. Tango3

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    This reeks of Hillary,
    9/11 comes out as a neocon plan:
    Bush and Cheney are impeached, all the neocons and republicans are run out of washington and the party outlawed. Nancy Pelosi pisses Hillary off by stepping up to be the first female prez, but she is in turn ruined by a skeleton from the closet hilliary keeps in her purse right next to bill's a testicles. Hilliary runs and wins in 08, Bill is nominated and becomes head of the United nations, and they rule the world ; king and queen...
  7. Blackjack

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    Maybe we could run the republicrats and demicans both out of DC. We'll keep on Ron Paul and throw in some libertarians.
  8. FalconDance

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    Y'all keep this up, and I'll have to dust off my tin foil bonnet and put it back on!

    I'm reading a book right now called "Against All Enemies" written by Richard Clarke. I'm still on the events in the decade before 9/11, and even the author (who was relatively high-level security/anti-terrorism for 4 presidents) alludes to a LOT of the bs being govt blunders if not outright plans. Pretty sad, dontcha think. What he had to say about Dubya and 9/11 has been highly .... uncomplimentary, at best.
  9. ghrit

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    Quite frankly, I see blunders of the first water. There is no way those toads are smart and secretive enough to gin up such a mess.
  10. FalconDance

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    Crazy thing is (actually not surprising) CIA had NO clue about anything, didn't seem very interested in finding out ahead of time, and after the fact, bullied up in defense at their ignorance......and FBI is about as inept as an agency can be.

    Pretty sure the "I" part stands for Idiocy in both cases.

    Wonder seriously if the country wouldn't be better run by tin-foil beanies wearers.
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    Nobody believed that Hitler was behind the Reichstag burning, and were all too happy to blame the terrorists *oops*, I mean communists.

    This 9-11 scenario will always have evidence that it just didn't occur as the official government story claims. There is so much evidence that it is staggering, but most people will never see the truth for what it is because Wolf Blitzer isn't telling them the story.

    People are hopeless. Alex Jones has far more patience than I do. Of course, I see the big picture, and he is still a Christian. But, whatever.
  12. Tango3

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    Half are just not looking, the few who do and ask a timid question and get showered with ridicule...and nobody wants to be "one of those "conspiracy nuts"...You'd think it was a character flaw to think outside the box...
  13. Minuteman

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    That's what gets me with lamestream media. They will ridicule anything that is considerd CT but refuse to examine the evidence.
    Sean Hannity insulted and demeaned a proffessor from a group who wanted to examine the evidence of 9/11, who was on his show, calling him a nut and wouldn't even listen to anything the guy said.
    I think that is what is different about people that the world calls conspiracy nuts. We are willing to look at the evidence before making up our minds. I don't buy a lot of what I see but I am willing to look at it.
    The rest of the people are the ones who are closed minded. Ostriches who don't want to see or hear anything that contradicts their world view.
    I would rather be a conspiracy nut.
  14. melbo

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    I think the .gov tends to relish that perception we have of them. But, I don't really believe they are the blundering. bumbling keystone cops we think they are.

    Think King Lears Fool. Hidden in plain sight
  15. FalconDance

    FalconDance Neighborhood Witch

    Funny, on another forum, when I question things, I'm not called a conspiracy nut, I'm called a leftie with all the vitriol of a pissed-off rattlesnake.

    (Btw, I didn't mean to offend any fundamentalists here with my comment in chat yesterday about "fundy nincompoops". Those guys (I was talking about at a diff forum) are so freakin' far up Dubya's arse, it's a wonder they can draw breath! And totally intolerant of the slightest whisper of dissent, even if proven beyond a doubt.)

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