Snotty Prius owners

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Snotty Prius owners
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    After car & truck ownership spanning 40+ years... and never owning an American made vehicle that got more than 28 miles per gallon... or a foreign made car that got more than 33 miles per gallon... I can honestly say that I am thoroughly enjoying the 55 miles per gallon I am getting on my 2007 Prius.

    So while the American car executives with their multi-million dollar salaries & bonuses, and the blue collar union workers with their high wage & benefits package allow their industry to go down the crapper ... I'll enjoy my own little stimulus package of twice-the-mileage-for-the-same-gallon- of-gas. Thank you very much!seesaw

    Besides, less money spent on gas means more money to spend on ammo... among other things.

    "Knock on the sky and listen to the sound."
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    I might consider a Prius if it could seat 8 while still having enough room to stack all of our bags and gear, was as big and safe as my Excursion, could pull (and stop) 10,000+ pounds, came in 4x4 with enough ground clearance to drive it from the front gate to the house....but until then, I guess I will stick with my beast........and enjoy the "limo-like" ride down the highway even though it sucks fuel like the tank has no bottom. To each their own.
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    I guess if I lived in Texas and had an oil well in my backyard, I wouldn't worry about sucking down lots of gas either! [werd]
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    Well said.
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