Snowden’s Privacy Tips: “Get Rid Of Dropbox,” Avoid Facebook And Google

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    Not a great deal new many including myself have avoided Facebook, Linkedin, dropbox and other "cloud" storage like Ebola but his recommendation of Spideroak had me open one of their free 2 GB accounts .

    I don't know if I will ever use it but it is another tool in the tool box and if I have to store something off-site securely this may be an option

    No Knowledge

    Even with physical access to the storage servers, SpiderOak staff cannot see even the names of your files and folders. All we see are sequentially numbered containers of encrypted data. We are never capable of betraying the trust of our users.

    SpiderOak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    SpiderOak | Online File Sharing & Secure Cloud Backup Software
    According to Edward Snowden, people who care about their privacy should stay away from popular consumer Internet services like Dropbox, Facebook, and Google.

    Snowden conducted a remote interview today as part of the New Yorker Festival, where he was asked a couple of variants on the question of what we can do to protect our privacy.

    His first answer called for a reform of government policies. Some people take the position that they “don’t have anything to hide,” but he argued that when you say that, “You’re inverting the model of responsibility for how rights work”:

    When you say, ‘I have nothing to hide,’ you’re saying, ‘I don’t care about this right.’ You’re saying, ‘I don’t have this right, because I’ve got to the point where I have to justify it.’ The way rights work is, the
    government has to justify its intrusion into your rights.

    He added that on an individual level, people should seek out encrypted tools and stop using services that are “hostile to privacy.” For one thing, he said you should “get rid of Dropbox,” because it doesn’t support encryption, and you should consider alternatives like SpiderOak. (Snowden made similar comments over the summer, with Dropbox responding that protecting users’ information is “a top priority.”)

    Edward Snowden’s Privacy Tips: “Get Rid Of Dropbox,” Avoid Facebook And Google | TechCrunch
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    Ed Snowden, love him or hate him but he's got great big brass balls to do what he did.
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    I had no problem with snowden until he took his show on the road to unfriendly countries...
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    In this world of Statism, I think they are just about as bad.
    They all lie. They all push their propaganda. They all have their own agendas.
    So basically, all nation states/regional unions/alliances are all about the same.
    Well, there is North Korea. That place is really out there.

    Only folks I'd trust would be the ones around the camp fire.
  5. wastelander

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    Well said VisuTrac. Nice thread, glad to say I have taken Snowdens advice before and gotten rid of all that and most things leading to me. I beleive.
    Encrypt everything I would add! Even though goverments can still decrypt your files, I beleive you have made a stand that you don't like noone snooping around your stuff.

    I was really happy to hear that a business-associate of mine I never met called me up in distrust because he couldn't find anything on me online and thought I was trying to rip him off. Well worth the planeticket and handshakes (campfires like VisuTrac said) has allways been and allways will be king.
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    I am impressed that Apple, & now Google, has told the world, that their latest IOS will incorporate an uncrackable, in any RealTime way, encryption, that will not allow ANYONE, but the KeyHolder to access the data in their portable Products. Even those .Gov Letters Outfits, that May gave convinced a Judge, to issue a Warrant, can not break it, in any immanent Timeframe. It gives me just one more bit of satisfaction that Mr. FBI, has issues with this approach.....
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