So Called Survivalist Kills Wife, Daughter, Himself

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Silversnake, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Washington Murderer on the Loose

    Murder charge: North Bend man suspected of killing wife, daughter had

    This despicable excuse for a human being is an abhorrent piece of human exrement who is destined for a very special place in hell.

    This guy shoots his wife and 18 year old daughter in their beds, shoots the dog and cat, barricades the house burns it down while he escapes to the woods.

    He is being painted by the press (and he may have been) as a survivalist with a massive arsenal of firearms and was expecting an apocalyptic event. Police suspect he built a fort in the woods.
  2. -06

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    This kind of behavior is just abhorent. People have to be sick mentally or demon possessed--or both. We never know what goes on behind closed doors but this is just way over the edge.
  3. BTPost

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    It would seem, the fellow is a NutBall, and eventually he will be caught, and put away... I know that area, very well, and with summer coming on, he will have to hide pretty good, to stay out of view, of the numerous Hikers and Trekkers that frequent the Cascade Range, in that area. Once spotted, the LEOs county and Federal, will go get him. then end of story. As it should be.... YMMV....
  4. Pyrrhus

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    Be wary of believing the first report. I don't know anything about this situation or person, but I believe these kinds of things less and less all the time. Most of us would be described as having a "'survivalist mentality' and extensive weapons collection." Do you really think that there isn't a concerted effort to defame anyone who fits the mold? The thing that does seem to point towards guilt is the withdrawal of money, but who knows?
  5. Silversnake

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    I agree completely with you. That was kinda my point for posting it here.
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    Come to think of it--remember Ruby Ridge? He was supposed to have WMDs, full autos, sniper weapons, and explosives. They painted him up like a mass murderer but in the end all he had was hunting rifles and a shotgun.
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  7. Alpha Dog

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    No the Feds found out the dog was a terrorist cell and possessed the illegal weapons. That is why they had to shoot him in the woods.
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    Wow...damned good detective work...hell, we don't even need to give him a trial now since you know he's guilty. :rolleyes:

    Got to be careful these days believing the BS the media is may very well be the next "abhorrent piece of human excrement who is destined for a very special place in hell."
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    Just think of all the taxpayer dollars that can be wasted on other things if we just skip the trial and lynch folks like this guy and a certain Zimmerman feller the media done convicted for us.
  10. TheEconomist

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    Maybe he is right. The end could very well be near. I have been getting a strange feeling lately...
  11. Silversnake

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    Update: Suspect Corneered in Underground Bunker

    Police surround underground bunker for North Bend murder suspect - Local News - Seattle, WA -

    I concede I could be premature in condemning him, but he shut off his cell phone before the murders, he withdrew nearly all his money from the bank 2 days before the murders and evidence was found on his computer hard drive.

    All of this could be coincidence. But there is more evidence here for this guy being as guilty as the day is long than most of the tin foil hat consipiracy theories that some folks here are deeply convinced of.
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  12. TheEconomist

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    Even though I am finding most news from this story from the MSM, it is hard to believe that anyone can prepare like Mr. Kelller did and then to to do what he was accused of. How anyone can proclaim themselves to be a survivalist, kills his own family and himself is definitely not the definition of a prepper/survivalist.

    He went to great lengths to dig out a multilevel underground bunker, fully stocked and for what end results. He had pictures of the entrance on his home computer that LE was able to locate by the surround houses and power lines. This "NUTCASE", and I believe I am using this term lightly, had absolutely no concept of OPSEC what soever.

    This is just another example of the MSM taking another example of a man who could not handle losing his family, then became extremely violent and murdered his own family, then casting him with the rest of us.

    Peter A. Keller: Police surround bunker of survivalist father who 'shot wife, daughter and pets' | Mail Online
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    New Just In....

    They found the guy's BODY, in his bunker. He had committed suicide. Sad end, to a Sad Guy, with Real Problems.
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    Quit eating pizza with anchovies and jalapenos, ice cream for dessert, and a few sweet pickles just before you go to bed. I can guarrantteeee it will make that funny feeling go away. At least it worked for me.seesaw[beer] .... also my butt no longer burns and itches.
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  16. Pyrrhus

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    Okay, so it seems he was guilty.

    Still, I remain cautious of what I believe in these cases. I have no difficulty believing that certain people who are unwanted could magically show up with "evidence" on their computers. Just throw a nice little file with a couple of thousand pictures of child porn on someone's computer and we will all think he's guilty.
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    Personally, I do NOT trust the media nor the LEO's...Now most here are aware that my oldest son is working for the sheriff's office here in Arizona.....However. "we" had along discussion a few days ago, and he is leaving the state and moving to the northwest area. He stated to me something I have been aware of since 1980, the local LEO's are as corrupt as you could find anywhere in the USA. He is leaving behind a fantastic, albeit a short, career...4 years and he made detective. It seems today that a lie is better on a police report than the truth and he can not and will not succumb to the "go along to get along" scenario's. BTW: He also feels insecure in the big city today and feels there will be a police state evolving. I can only hope he gets to a place far enough distant to stay out of harm's way......(Alaska perhaps?)
  18. Quigley_Sharps

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    There is something to learn from this..

    Read the article , its a road map to prep's and how someone will attack your preps...
    Sheriff: Body found in Wash. mountain bunker - Yahoo! News

  19. "Survivalist" Kills His Family

    The problem with comparing that nut to people interested in learning how to live off-the grid is that honest, simple people are going to be prejudged as cut from the same murderous cloth.

    The media is hyping these stories to try to veer public sentiment against those who don't go along with the "business as usual" mentality of the majority of americans and politicians.

    This is an extremely harmful story to those trying to take control over the course of their lives.
  20. c4ninja

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    Read the article and viewed the pics. It amazed me how many times the report used the term gun-toting survivalist.
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