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Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by AxesAreBetter, May 20, 2019.

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    So, long story short...I went and did some training, and one of the guest instructors offered me an opportunity to do some guest lectures at his school if a few things worked out. After some more talk, we are down to me getting my lesson plan and requirements planned out...

    In service to that, I let the word out in my acquaintance circle that I am offering some survival skills in exchange for helping me streamline my plan.
    Went out today, spent about 5 hours in the woods, guiding and teaching. Had a blast, imparted a lot of knowledge and some skills, and am feeling a lot better about how far along my plan is.
    Highlights include:
    Seep well
    Pinning a snake with my blowgun
    Killing a snake with a tac shovel
    Introducing him to basic trapping and navigation
    Teaching him to make atlatl and darts
    Teaching him to make and hit close targets with a rabbit stick

    Feeling relaxed more than anything, having gone out there and done it. WAY farther along in my skills and teaching ability than I thought I was, and it is extremely satisfying to see the light bulb come on and see somebody do something a a dozen tries that took you months of research and practice to discover.

    Bottom line, I am going to dig a little deeper into a career change. This is way better than what I have been doing.
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  2. Merkun

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    Teaching is rewarding if the students WANT to master the subject. I've stood up in front of those that want to learn and many times before groups that were there because they were told to be there or suffer consequence.
    Keep a backup plan. Teaching can lead to burnout, and having an LZ is priceless.

    Watch your liability insurance, you are NOT making apple pie --
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  3. GOG

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    Watching folks have that light bulb moment is awesome.
    Just do your best, the rest is up to the students.

    I'm happy for you. Teaching is helping and that's incredibly rewarding.
    Fun too. :)
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    Plus 1 for dat,I'm always look for something new to learn about topics that are of interest to what I'm doing or going to do.
    This time of the year and weather permitting it's what I can plant and grow at the old camp and surrounding bottom's.
    Going Gorilla on some crops in the woods,Now if the deer and raccoons don't become a big problem.
    I plan on planting enough for us and some for them?
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  5. chelloveck

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    If planting some for them means that deer and other game are more plentiful in the area of your guerrilla gardening...then you are also planting for you, making the protein hunting and trapping easier and more productive for you.
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  6. Bishop

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    Sounds awesome
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  7. Gator 45/70

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    Hahaha, Right you are! On a normal year we only take 1 deer,Just the wife and I and I like deer chili !
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