So does it really matter ?

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    In my view there has been a most disturbing trend over the past four years among the opposition to the current Administration to roll over and play dead in the face of the most overt, barefaced onslaught against our liberties in the history of this Republic. The Republican leadership in the House has been wimpy at best. The Supreme Court has seemingly bent over backwards, almost breaking their weak spines, in order to avoid doing anything at all to raise the ire of the bully in the Oval Office.
    With so-called conservatives agreeing with and arguing for everything the so-called liberals have wanted for years, what difference is there ?
    What do they have held over their heads ?
    Or was it part of the plan all along ?
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    We lost the Republic many. many years ago. Even Bush Sr was talking about spreading Democracy (not Republic).
    If your question is Does it Really Matter what these buffoons in suits who call themselves our leaders over the past 40 years say/mean/do/subscribe to. The answer is no.

    I'm as apolitical as it gets - or so far right I'm left - dunno.

    We were given a Republic

    At some point there was a debate about the governing future of our Nation/Republic/State, etc during which two factions formed:
    • Republicans were in the camp of keeping the Republic
    • Democrats were in the camp of abolishing the Republic and replacing it with Democracy.
    Who won? Think about that the next time your Republicans speak of Democracy or you hear our R leaders use that term. Democrat=one who practices Democracy, Republican=one who practices the Republic(an) form of government.

    Sorry, I make this rant/distinction about once a year. :)
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