So... seems DEMANDS are being made

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    or at least that is what this article claims............. you guys with daughters and grand daughters, etc..... payin attention?

    Muslim Leader Demands that Western Countries Allow Muslim Child Brides because “It’s Part of their Culture”!

    In much of the Muslim world there are a few cultural oddities that are out of step with Western Culture. One is that polygamy is not only allowed, but encouraged in many Muslim majority nations. The other is the equally disturbing but far more disgusting practice of child brides. You see, in much of the Islamic world, it is acceptable for an older man to marry a child if the family is willing. Now Muslim religious leaders are demanding that the Western nations that they are invading also allow Muslim men to marry children! In Denmark, the government has already allowed girls as young as 14 to marry older men, even though the legal age of consent there is 15. However, even this is not enough for the Muslim invaders, as they would like the “freedom” to force marriage on girls who are even younger!

    Danish Muslim leader, Imam Oussama El-Saadi told the Metroxpress that:

    “One should look at these cases from a different perspective. It is an extraordinary humanitarian situation, and I think you have to take care of these families. They’re married, and even if the man is twice as old as they have built a family. We have to accept that it is a different culture, and we can not destroy family life.”

    He continued by arguing that such child marriages are a good thing, particularly for the newly arrived Muslim migrants, because it created a “safer situation” for those little girls. “If you look at the situation in the refugee camps, it is often filled with violence and uncertainty. If your daughter marries early and gets a man, it can give the family a safer situation,” the Imam said.

    It’s not just Denmark either; one story out of Norway had a girl of 11 being married off to a much older man.

    [​IMG]Data from the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) seen by the Norwegian Broadcasting

    Corporation(NRK) revealed more than 60 minors were married when they applied for asylum in Norway last year. The 61 cases known to authorities — mainly coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq — broke down as follows:
    • at least ten girls were under 16 years old;
    • 49 girls and two boys were 16-17 years old; and
    • at least two of the girls under 18 years were expecting their second baby.
    As one activist fighting against the practice of Muslim forced child marriage said, “Forced marriage is a continuous rape.”

    In the Netherlands the problem is severe and grows worse each day as the government continues to struggle with finding answers to a disgusting cultural defect.

    The issue of Syrian child brides has been highlighted in the Netherlands by the disappearance of a nine-month pregnant 14 year old girl and her 24 year old husband,reports The Independent. Fatema Alkasem had been staying in the Ter Apel asylum centre before she left on 31 August and police fear she may require medical care.

    Dutch asylum centres are reported to be housing 20 child brides between the ages of 13 and 15. On average three a week now arrive in the country, reports Die Welt, with at least 34 underage wives seeking asylum last year (according to leaked official papers). Twenty-two girls wanted to enter the Netherlands via ‘family reunification’ – with two being 13 years old and another two only 14.

    While the religious leaders and the Muslim migrants themselves may not see a problem, we non-Muslims do, and we will not abide the open and systematic abuse of children among us. We fight to stop these very same actions when they are kept behind closed doors, why would we ever consider allowing them simply because the tenets of Islam tell us we should? It’s disturbing, and yet some liberals are arguing that we acquiesce to the demands of these sexually perverted deviants. At least in Denmark there are still some willing to stand for morality and reason – the “right-wing” immigration minister, Inger Stojberg, spoke out against the Muslim practice of marrying children just last week.

    “It is completely unacceptable that there are currently minors within the Danish asylum system living with their spouses or partners and I have asked the Danish Immigration Service to immediately put a stop to it,” she said last week, while promising that Denmark would protect the migrant children from the deviant practice.

    Let’s hope he means it and that other leaders with moral fortitude will stand up to protect these children and to end the immoral practice of forced child marriage.

    Muslim Leader Demands that Western Countries Allow Muslim Child Brides because “It’s Part of their Culture”! - Eagle Rising
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    They can demand what they like....but the bottom line is, that arranged child marriages are against the law, for very sound humanitarian reasons, in many Western jurisdictions. In Australia, a couple of such males arranged for a 12 year old girl to be "married" to a 26 year old male. Although they approached several imams to sanctify the marriage, the Imams, sensibly wouldn't have a bar of it, as doing so would be breaking the law. Eventually they persuaded some idiot so called "cleric" to perform the unlawful ritual. Idiot Father, and idiot Son-outlaw) are now seeing years of jail time for their parts in the whole sordid affair. The idiot "cleric" Muhammed Riaz Tasawra[​IMG] got off with a measly $500 fine. Deportation might have been a nice touch, but not a penalty that criminal courts can impose....that is a matter for the Immigration fellows, if the sheik is found not to be an Australian citizen.

    Father who arranged for daughter, 12, to marry man, 26, jailed for six years

    Man jailed after marrying 12-year-old girl in Islamic ceremony

    No Cookies | Daily Telegraph

    These "demands" surface from time to time, when some s#!t-for-brains cleric tries to use the cultural pluralism card to justify their own rather silly but harmful cultural customs.

    The answer to these kind of demands is to reply "it is our society's cultural practice to jail paederasts and their panderers for long periods of time....It is our culture's way of adjusting the ways of thinking of those whose actions are contrary to the good of our culture."
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    I remember seeing a thing a few weeks back where the Syrian refugees in Europe were demanding better 'living conditions' or they'd go back home. These people really need to work on their negotiating skills. Mainly the whole concept of having something the others at the table actually want.
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    Nobody's holding them in Europe against their will.
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    If they prefer the ways in the "old country" then go back there and it is just that simple.
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    Just sick.
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    Exactly, it's precisely like going to someone's house and demanding money/supplies and threatening you'll leave if you don't get it. I'd be like "Okay bye!" and slam the door in their face. If only our politicians would leave office when we refuse to listen to them...
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    Islam is a sexually perverted religion from the get-go. The males are trained serial rapists and they absolutely enjoy it.

    Here in the US child rape is a capital crime in many places.

    I advocate that every visiting Muslim male should advertise openly for his 9-year old brides, and pay $20.00 in cash to each American that wants to sell him one. He can have as many as four, I understand.

    Then he could be busted for the crimes of attempted child rape, conspiracy to rape, etc, etc. all caught live and on camera.

    Even if he only gets 25 years on each charge, he'd be off the streets a while. Until his five or six consecutive sentences were served, anyway.

    And, to keep his incarceration religiously appropriate, I think his sentences should be served in a prison closer to Mecca than the prisons in the United States.

    I suggest contracting his incarceration out to a for-profit penal institution somewhere in the heart of LIberia.

    I'm sure the cost of incarceration would be much less in Liberia, even allowing a generous profit to the keepers of the keys.

    All they'd have to do to collect their money each month would be to keep the prisoner in custody.

    Of course, if they wanted to have his do a little work to help defray the costs of his upkeep, that would be okay, too...

    I understand it's always sunny in the cotton fields of Liberia.
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    Just send them to their 72 virgins. I would say win-win and everyone should be happy.
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    @UncleMorgan .... if we did that, then we would have to let all the Pot Smokers & sales folks go, to avoid overcrowding our Prisons...
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    Hope you have all looked at Sharia closely.......... cause their intention is to make the whole world live under it.

    This is REQUIRED of them by their book...........
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    They have been trying to accomplish this for 4000 years, and had just about as much success, NOW, as they did then....
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