So sick of non, US born citizens, harping about gun control etc..

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by UGRev, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. UGRev

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    Seriously, I've been in run-on arguments with idiots from other countries over our rights here. I can't reason with them.. it's as if they WANT to be slaves. I don't get it. My mind cannot grasp this concept of willing slavery.

    ... you need to change your constitution.. (NO WE DON'T)
    ... you need to give up your guns ( NO WE MOTHER FUCKING DON'T)
    ... you need to pay higher taxes (FUCK YOU!)
    ... you need to let the Supreme Court make policy (SAY WHAT!!!?)
    ... you need to let the gov't rule over you (EYES BLEEEDING!)
    ... you need to do it for the children.. ("&)($)%*)($%*)($*%)($%)$)(%()%*)#$&*(&HJF(*&$A*(&%!!!!!!)
    ... you should get with the modern movements of progressive politics..and you know.. get rid of that rag (......*crickets*..... can't.. believe ... the shit.. that comes out of peoples mouths.. )

    LOOK!!!!! LISTEN UP!!!! WE DON'T WANT TO BE LIKE YOU!!!!!!! We don't want you to be like us either. In fact, I'm banking on it. It's what keeps this country unique from others. Keep your shitty ass socialism. Keep your tyrannical bodies of men to rule over you. We have our own control freaks we need to deal with and whom we are trying to expunge.. I SERIOUSLY don't need to hear your flapper on ANY of our laws and ESPECIALLY what you THINK our Constitution is or should be or what should be done with it.. SHUT THEE FUCK UP!.

    My apologies to members here from other countries that are not inclined to accept slavery and actually "get" what it is we are supposed to be here. This post is not directed at you, rather the many blathering idiots that think we should submit to another man. Please, for the love of Christ, shut up.. if you weren't born here, you won't EVER get it. Sorry.. this has become evident to me after the conversations I've had with people and one of my best friends is from Sicily. He doesn't get it. They just don't get it. It's not possible to get it unless you grew up here and experienced Americanism here as a child.. especially growing up before the 80's.

    If you're a foreign member and this post ruffles your feathers, you should just keep moving.. if you feel the need to reply, don't... I'm really not interested in discussing the issue with you nor am I wanting to rehash the above with you. It's just safe to say that I don't care what you think..

    I need to go to bed. I may take a break from the interwebs for a few weeks. If you don't see me, don't take it personal. I just take can't deal with the tsunami of dumb fuckers. If I get banned, It's all good. It will just give me time to do other things. no harm, no foul, no hard feelings.

    /end rant eol.
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    51% of Vancouverites are Chineese....they only vote for their race.
    It's not racist to say's true.
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    "The" United States news is broadcast in many countries. The whole world is focused on us. When I was in Prague, I could watch American television.

    Yes, the foreigners will offer their two cents --and it is often annoying. I thought this was another Obama thread since he is a Kenyan and all. :D
  4. Tikka

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    Misery enjoys company.
  5. UGRev

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    Yeah, well.. this misery party is miserable.. I'm going to find a party where the games don't suck..
  6. Tikka

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    Voting against the Left is the only current solution.
  7. UGRev

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    I know.. but I also find my self with a certain dislike of the Republicans (the political leaders) because I think they are spineless (Boehner).
  8. ghrit

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    "So sick of non, US born citizens, harping about gun control etc.."

    I think that isn't quite what you meant, but the thought is right.

    I have to agree that non citizens have not earned the right or privilege to tell us what we should or shouldn't do. This Morgan fool is but one. However, foreign born naturalized, citizens have earned the right.

    I really, really, do not like illegals and foreigners flapping their gums on our turf, telling us our business. At home, they can make whatever mouth music they want.
  9. CATO

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    I think that's true if you live in a Red state. But, if you live in a Blue state, you're just wasting your time. That time would be better spent moving to a state where the pols had knowledge and some knuts.
  10. mysterymet

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    Yes i agree all citizens have a right to bitch but non citizens and illegals don't.
  11. UGRev

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    No, it's exactly what I meant. If you weren't born here or if you didn't grow up here from a young enough age, regardless of if you are current citizen.. you simply will not be able to understand the America that we grew up with or that our parents grew up with. This is an observation of mine. I'm sure there are exceptions as there are exceptions to many things, but by and large, I really don't think so. My statement isn't about earning a right to have your opinion or your say.. it's simply that your opinion will not be pure enough.

    I use my friend who is sicilian as an example. He's lived here for 27 years and thinks this country should have one leader, and no congress; that the leader should be benevolent. I have to laugh. I know this is just one unstellar example.. but it is pretty much the overwhelming response in context. It chafes my ass.

    That being said.. I don't know you from a hole in the wall. But only from your posts and interaction here, I could say that you are most like an exception to my observations.
  12. CATO

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    This is the reason the Balkans have been mired in dispute for hundreds of years: there is no sense of nationalism--no common value system/goals.

    I live near an area that is mostly (86+%) refugees from other countries. (Yes, I would love to move to Idaho)
    Crime rampant in Clarkston, GA « Refugee Resettlement Watch
    Family Security Matters
    Need to Know, September 21, 2012: America by the numbers | Need to Know | PBS

    If they have cars, most of them all display some type of sticker showing allegiance to their flag or how wonderful their home country was (with the exception of the Bhutanese--they walk everywhere), especially the Somalis.

    So, my question is: "if you love your country SO much, why are you here?"

    First, ALL of them are on some type of entitlement, but most have multiple infusions of welfare dollars.

    The Somalis are a good example. The cops I talk to say that most property crimes are committed by Somalis. I ask "Why don't you deport them?" Cop: "Can't, they're under refugee status." So, they bring their values here, most of which we consider criminal, yet because of do-gooders, whole communities are in turmoil because they want to help out people from other countries. I did some checking around and these "resettlements" are not located anywhere near the people who are in charge of getting the immigrants here.

    This is how the "silent invasion" happens. You wait, before long, "refugees" will outnumber the natives, yet they will still live in poverty due to a whole host of factors, which the people who brought them here haven't done anything about. So, you're going to see a time when supporting these immigrants will break the system in terms of taxes and services (think of the schools too -- no way you can send your kids to Clarkston public schools . . . it's like Thunderdome in there Jerry).

    Basically, we're screwed from the inside.

    As an aside: the police chief a few years ago had to resign because of complaints that his officers were "profiling" immigrants because of the skewed numbers of arrests. Well, let's see: most of the whites who live there work and are back in their home by 7pm. Most of the immigrants don't have jobs and just roam around. Who is the cop more likely to come into contact with? Add to this that now 8/10 people are immigrants. Yup, people are idiots to allow such a thing.
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  13. ghrit

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    OK. Well then, we have an honest difference of opinion on who can b*tch and who can't. May such things go on forever, it's good discourse.

    Is your Sicilian friend able to say why he came over? His reasoning seems to have holes in it since your description of his preferences point toward exactly the way the Mafia operated back in the day if not still. Something like, "Do what I tell you, and I'll take care of you." (Yeah, I can see you don't agree with him either.) Does he bother to exercise the citizen's responsibility to vote?
  14. CATO

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    I have two good exception examples . . . and it makes me think there's probably a lot more depending on the country the person emigrated from.

    I have two very close friends who are naturalized citizens. One is is an Armenian and the other from Sri Lanka. Both are highly conservative and love this country more that most of the people I know because they actually know how bad it is other places and choose the U.S. over where they came from. My Armenian bud rants all the time about this nation's lack of border security. "You have nah-thing if you can't secure your borders!" he tells me repeatedly over shots of vodka. Thankfully, the Sri Lankan doesn't drink.
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  16. UGRev

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    Please don't take this is "not having a right to bitch". I must emphasize that this is NOT my point. My point is "understanding Americanism" and how your opinion relates to it. By all means.. opine away. In fact, I encourage it and support it. I don't have to like it, but it's your right to do so. We agree there I know. I just don't think the concept of Americanism can be "learned" after a certain amount of time living in another country (see current resident in the WH).

    As for my friend, yes, he votes. He's a citizen and exercises his rights. We do not see eye to eye on many things and when Sandy Hook happened, his first response was "See, that's why we should ban guns.. " and I went off on him.

    As for why he came over.. he had come here to spend time with relatives and just never left.
  17. UGRev

    UGRev Get on with it!

    I don't know that this is an exception to understanding Americanism.. it's part of it.. but not the whole thing.
  18. Tikka

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    Living in a blue state doesn't mean quit.

    Every state with a couple of big cities is blue. I worked in Michigan; most of the idiots are imported and the good folks are natives. The good folks lost their state to imported liberals and the inhabitants of the big cities.
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  19. BTPost

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    The same thing happened to Oregon, and Washington over the last three decades... All the Kommiefornia Libs moved up, to get away from the mess they made, and now they are ruining those two as well. Thank the Maker, I left before it got really bad. Don't know where I would go, when they take over Alaska... Maybe I will be DEAD by then....
  20. Tikka

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    Same thing happened in Maryland and as there is a whole bunch more NY than just NYC, it happened there also. It seems all a state needs to go under the bus are some liberals and a few big cities.
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