So, the 2nd is repealed. What then?

Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by T. Riley, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. T. Riley

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    Fromer Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stephens has called for repeal of the 2nd Amendment? This is an opinion shared by many, on and off the Court, and the end goal of all gun legislation. Liberals are now openly admitting that is their goal.

    Let me start by saying I do not believe it should or ever will happen. That being said, what would you do, feel, think if it did? We all believe and support the Constitution now, especially the 2nd Ammendment. But, if it were repealed, according to the procedure layed out in the Constitution, would you support the decision, the Ammended Constitution of the US, as many have sworn to do, or not.
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    The Old Fart is 93, and getting Senile.... Very happy that he is reTIRED....
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    Just an old man's dreams, of the damp variety.
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    Next will be the first amendment.
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  5. 3M-TA3

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    Stephens is just trying to get in Ginsberg's pants. He's been trying to "pack the court" for decades...
  6. Ganado

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    too much work to get it repealed.... look at the rules for repealing or amending constitution... more smoke and mirrors
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  7. Bandit99

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    I honestly believe, given the political climate, that possibly this will happen within 10 years or less. The Republicans are doing their normal tap dance instead of getting things done - I mean - they hold all the cards now and still cannot get any of the major legislation done that is needed. I see no reason to further support them and I think, without a doubt, they will waste this precious time and accomplish nothing. The Democrats will then take the reins and they will attack the 2nd. May I remind you that they passed ObamaCare without knowing what was in it. So, yes, I think they will get the 2/3 vote to repeal it; however, they then need 38 States to ratify it since they need 3/4 and I am not sure they could get that many. However, it's very possible just depends on the mood of the people and if they got a Dem or a Rep State Legislation at the time. Coin toss...

    But, to answer your question...What would I do? No, I would not support their decision. First, I would move my finances and my wife out of this country where Amerika's long arm cannot touch them which is easier for me than most since my wife is not an American citizen and still retains her own country's citizenship. I could also could reside there if I so desired. But, after seeing to the security of my wife and finances, I would then decide my course: leave or revolt.

    In another post, I am trying to come to grips with what I directly get for the huge amount of taxes that I pay here and the government's constant meddling in our lives and quite frankly I am at odds to find much of anything. However, I am allowed to purchase a good number of firearms here which is a definite benefit to our security and to my sporting interests. While many countries allow me to purchase firearms, they are severely regulated, not so much here but they now wish to change this so one of the few things I consider a benefit of living here they would take from me and, by doing so, turn me into a subject - that I cannot abide.

    To be honest, my wife's American Citizenship Naturalization interview is suppose to happen on 16 April but given these current events we have decided to dismiss it. For once you become an American citizen then they truly have you by the hip until you are laid to rest. They just is no gain to be had and much to be lost. For example, if we moved our finances overseas and the wife is an American citizen then America could easily force those accounts open - not so easily done if she is not a citizen and impossible in some countries. We just do not see a clear purpose for doing it given the political and economic climate of this country. The American passport does make it easier to travel but that is about the only benefit that comes to mind. It is no longer like the old days as the country has changed but so has the rest of the world and quite honestly America has not kept up. The "Land of Opportunity" now means purchasing a lottery ticket why bother. Why risk it.

    I would look to see if Americans would remain on their knees, where they seem to be comfortably entrenched, or rise and fight. I would then make my decision: leave or revolt. It's really quite simple for me.
  8. SB21

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    If it happened , as Bandit said , I would support the revolt. If the revolt didn't happen , then I would become the criminal , for not willing giving them up . Then , quite possibly , would lead to , cold dead fingers.
  9. T. Riley

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    So I guess it would be fair to say most support and defend the Constitution as it is now written. If it changes, we reserve the right to change that position. We have pledged no support for later renditions.
  10. Unique

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    It wouldn't change anything. US V.Cruikishank has already established that the right to bear arms exists independently of the Second Amendment

    The right there specified is that of "bearing arms for a lawful purpose." This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The second amendment declares that it shall not be infringed, but this, as has been seen, means no more than that it shall not be infringed by Congress. This is one of the amendments that has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the national government, leaving the people to look for their protection against any violation by their fellow citizens of the rights it recognizes, to what is called, in The City of New York v. Miln, 11 Pet. 139, the "powers which relate to merely municipal legislation, or what was, perhaps, more properly called internal police," "not surrendered or restrained" by the Constitution of the United States.[5]
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    In order for this to happen we would have to have a constitutional convention.... by the there will be no US... and states rights will become more likely...
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